26 July 2017, 7pm, DobraVaga (until 10 September)
ZINE VITRINE | Numokk: Stalker
Zine exhibition

The Stalker exhibition puts the focus on the concealed watcher hiding in each of us. Numokk stalker appears on the beach, observing the happening from hidden nooks. He wants to belong. Asociality distances him further and further from society, which is why he “studies” people in secret. Stalker is not drawn, but possesses a third dimension and corporeality.

Thursday, 13 July 2017, 7pm (until 6.9.2017)
ARTIST PER MONTH Nastja Mezek: Swipe the Screen

In July, the DobraVaga gallery will feature artist Nastja Mezek, who is concluding her Master’s studies in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Her latest work in mixed media is characterised by overlapping images that trigger an inability to concentrate in the viewer – just like the images that we consume daily via digital media, so quickly that they blend into a single one.

Saturday, 8 July 2017, 11am to 1pm, DobraVaga (until September 2017)
FRESH FISH #summeredition
sales exhibition

Throughout the summer, the DobraVaga Gallery will again feature current artwork by the younger generation of artists. This time around, the walls of the former fish market beneath Plečnik’s arcades will be adorned with pieces by both regular and new visual artists, giving you the opportunity to spice up your summer with various types of artwork – from canvasses, prints, collages and drawings to zines! If you want to brighten up your own and your loved ones’ summer, you’re invited to grab your fresh (and local) artwork at DobraVaga! Participating artists and collectives: Adrijan Praznik, Alin Kostiov, Beli sladoled, Brina Fekonja, David Krancan, Eva Princeska Juričan, Helena Tahir, Pivka House of Culture, Ivanin Glupi Fejs, Jaka Vatovec, Gašper Kunšič, Kapitan Kolačkov, Leon Zuodar, Look Backandlaugh, Lealudvik, Meta Wraber, Marko K. Gavez, Marko Šajn, Matija Medved, Matija Bobičić, Miha Perne Erdo Carp, Mina Fina, Nejc F. Deso, Nevena Aleksovski, Nez Pez, Nina Čelhar, Nika Ham Kunst, NUMOKK, Pela Ronson, Peter Ferlan, Petra Korent, Robert Kuret, Simon Kocjančič, Tatiana Kocmur, Tina Konec, ZEK Crew, Zoran Pungerčar and others.

saturday, 12. august 2017, at 7pm, Neurotitan Gallery (until 2.9.2017)
exhibition of contemporary art from Slovenia

OFF THE HOOK is a travelling exhibition project, organised by the DobraVaga Gallery. Taken literally, the exhibition title winks at the identity of DobraVaga as a gallery in a former fish market, as well as at the artwork that slipped off the hook of its domestic confines. The exhibition aims to provide the international professional and general public with a glimpse of the current contemporary Slovenian production of artists featured at DobraVaga. The participating artists are Ivana BajecJaka Vatovec, Leon Zuodar, Marko K. GavezMiha Perne, Mina FinaNez PezNina Čelhar, Simon Kocjančič and Zoran Pungerčar.

Thursday, 15th June 2017, 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 10th July)
ARTIST PER MONTH Tina Konec: Day and Night and Night and Day

In June, the DobraVaga exhibition space will feature young painter Tina Konec. In her India ink and pencil artwork, where the meditative process itself is also of great importance, the artist explores the relationships between fullness and emptiness, and between the positive and the negative. Stringing together and repeating natural shapes is the search for a sort of morphological universality that allows for free interpretation and associations by the viewer.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017, 7pm (until 25 July)
ZINE VITRINE ZineCensura: Fanzine Makers from Mexico

WorstSellerEdiciones (MX) presents ZineCensura, an exhibition of illustrations about censorship, featuring artworks by fanzine artists from Mexico. The artworks are published in a fanzine, which gathers different styles and concerns around censorship in Mexico. The fanzine will be presented in a lecture hosted by WorstSellerEdiciones founders (Anahi H. Galaviz, Daniel Benítez) talking about the project and the importance of self-publishing for Mexican artists.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 8pm (until 30 June)
LE PETIT MIGNON: CROSS POLLINATION (travelling exhibition)

Cross Pollination is a new travelling exhibition by Berlin label and travelling gallery Le Petit Mignon, which focuses on underground visual art and innovative music. Under the direction of Guillaume Siffert, the founder and driving force behind Le Petit Mignon, numerous prominent group exhibitions have made their way around the world in the past, featuring art books and prints blending illustration, abstract art and graphic experiments, and in doing so, highlighting members of the international underground art scene. The current exhibition’s world premiere will be held in Ljubljana as part of the celebration of the first anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, with the exhibition boasting the crème de la crème of the current screen printing production of eight French artists and graphic experimenters: Benoit Sanchez Hachair (Ben Sanair), Emy Rojas and Gaspard Le Quiniou (Arrache-Toi Un Oeil!), Julia Crinon and Hugo Marchal (Atelier McClane), Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff (Palefroi), and Thomas Perrodin.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 7pm (until 24 June)
ZINE VITRINE Brina Fekonja and Robert Kuret: (z)amor

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition series, visual artist Brina Fekonja and writer Robert Kuret will present their zine debut. (z)amor is a diary about how couples get on each other’s nerves. From silly questions to sad eyes, from being late to needing drama. Through short notes, quotes, anecdotes, drawings, photos and post-its, the authors reveal the funny-serious issues of their relationship, at the same time displaying sincere affection for each other.

Thursday, 18 May 2017, 7pm (until 12 June)
ARTIST PER MONTH Peter Ferlan: I will come right over! 

In May, the Artist Per Month exhibition space will feature the young and multitalented artist Peter Ferlan. The interactive exhibition Pridem takoj! (Coming Straight Away!) enables communication between the viewer and the illustrations, which literally live within a framework, daring to speak their mind about us while we observe them. In this way, they aim to encourage the viewer to think about critical reflection of the pieces observed.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 7pm (until 22 May)
ZINE VITRINE Petra Korent: Porm

Petra Korent is interested in illustrations of a wild context. Using humour, she casts a kinder light on the unpleasant and banal life situations we unavoidably face. These are the pains of contemporary human intimacy, whether relationships of duality or solo dramas, which she makes fun of in a caricaturised, humorously absurd and direct manner. Naked bodies, hairy legs, bodily fluids and small penises, all a part of an individual’s everyday, are thus placed in new fantastical and surreal settings.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 7pm (until 27 May)

In April, the DobraVaga gallery will feature illustration student Te Sera. She is interested in the sensibility of perception; starting with the subtle sensations we experience as human beings, she translates them into an artistic visual expression. The need that drives the design and impression on the sheet is the desire for retaining sensation and the challenge of expressing something immaterial via a material medium.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 7pm (until 24 April)
ARTIST PER MONTH Alin Kostiov: Mirrors

In March, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature young architecture student Alin Kostiov. She usually first dreams the illustrations she then draws in black ink, silver foil tape and black pen, meaning they’re a reflection of her subconscious: things she feels, anticipates and sees. For her, art is a sort of mirror – what we see in it reflects our personality, intellect and frustrations.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 7pm (until 15 April)
ZINE VITRINE Tea Hvala: P.S. Stamps Back

One of the tricks that made you feel like a rebel when making and trading zines in the 1990s was coating stamps with soap or paper glue. This prevented the postmark from sticking, so the stamps could be used several times. In addition to savings and a prankster’s joy, the trick bore the loose promise of a new zine arriving at your address, sooner or later (in addition to some very faded stamps). And the zines came from everywhere: the former Yugoslavia, Europe, both Americas, the Philippines and Malaysia. Ever since then, dust has been gathering on the evidence – boxes of zines, letters and postcards.
In my eyes, this exhibition transforms the zines from a lovely, intimate memory of the 1990s scene to museum exhibits, even though this goes against everything that drove us, fanziners, at the time. And even though some of the featured zines are still worth reading, even though I still make a zine on occasion (alone or with others), and even though today’s scene is very much alive, the selection is dominated by a historic view. It was dictated by the showcase – and don’t even get me started on the mailing labels and self-adhesive stamps.  – Tea Hvala

Monday, 27th February 2017, 7pm (until 25.3.)

In February, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature visual artist Gašper Kunšič. The MOMENT OF UNCERTAINTY exhibition touches on contemporary moments of distress, doubt and insecurity, originating in both global events and the existential questions of the Millennial Generation. In the prints and paintings, pop culture colours blend with expressive texts documenting these moments.

Tuesday, 21th February 2017, 7pm
ZINE VITRINE Leon Zuodar: Zinko Tiček

Zinko Tiček is a small zine reading room that evolved from Leon Zuodar’s personal archive of fanzines, graphic novels and comics, collected over a long period of time. It’s located in the Pivka House of Culture, in the artist’s studio, which is open to zine enthusiasts and all who are interested in the media of photocopying, risography, screen printing, linocuts and experimental drawings. The space is designed as a reading room, a smaller exhibition/event area and a studio, where one can talk with guest artists in person and hold zine workshops and exhibitions. One can also copy a long-forgotten or lost zine or two. Within the framework of the Zine Vitrine program, Zinko Tiček will be presented by the head of the project, visual artist Leon Zuodar.

Tuesday, 24th January 2016, 7pm (until 16.2.)

Marko K. Gavez (1993) creates in various media, but the starting point is always illustration. He studied graphic arts at the Secondary School for Design and Photography. Over the past three years, he has put on three solo and several group exhibitions.

Thursday, 26th January 2016, 7pm (until 25.2.)
music poster exhibition

The third edition of the MENT Ljubljana festival is introducing a new project connecting the European music scene with fresh contemporary artistic production – the appointMENT visual cycle and exhibition of 50 limited edition music posters, inspired by the 60 performers at this year’s festival. The posters were designed by the younger generation of diverse, mostly Slovenian artists in the fields of illustration, graphic design, drawing, painting and graffiti art. The exhibition project is one of the few in the Slovenian space that simultaneously engaged so many young contemporary artists with such different artistic languages and from such varied areas of artistic production.


Tuesday, 17th January 2016, 7pm (until 18.2.)

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition programme, LEALUDVIK will present a selection of their own zines and prints. In the zines, LEALUDVIK primarily utilise photographs and video sequences, often intertwined with illustrations. The foundation of their artistic work originates in the exploration of fetishism, BDSM practices, slasher and giallo films, and occultism. Through the decomposition of gender roles, they disclose their world from a male and female perspective.


Monday, 19 December 2016 at 7pm (until 20.1.)
ARTIST PER MONTH Andrea Knezović, Adrijan Praznik, Andreas Cesarini: Old News

In the second trimester, the DobraVaga Open Studio was inhabited by artists Andrea Knezović and Adrijan Praznik and architect Andreas Cesarini, who will present their artistic project Old News. The artists respond to the condition of contemporary society with humour and irony, turning old newspapers into conceptual useful objects that serve as protection against today’s flood of (pointless) information.


Thursday, 15 December 2016 at 9pm
STRIPBURGER | M. S. Bastian in Isabelle L. : Bum! Bam! Bam!

Alongside the Bastocalypse exhibition by the Swiss artistic duo of M. S. Bastian and Isabelle L. at the Kresija Gallery, DobraVaga will feature a sales exhibition of their work, with the artists displaying a series of silkscreen prints, in addition to smaller cardboard sculptures. Their work is characterised by the expansion of the limits of classic comics narration, which they implement in the field of visual art with typical freshness and insight.


Friday, 16th December 2016, 7pm, UGM STUDIO (until 3.1.)

OFF THE HOOK is a travelling exhibition project with which DobraVaga is continuing its cooperation with UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, which visited DobraVaga with the Made in Maribor exhibition of contemporary work by Maribor artists. DobraVaga is an exhibition and project space, gallery and open studio, whose programme places an emphasis on various contemporary artistic approaches and exploration by the younger generation of artists. The venue is designed as a junction for stimulating creativity, interpersonal connections, dialogue, active support, encouraging exhibitions, communicating with the audience and promoting contemporary artistic production, and aims to advance this platform with the visiting exhibition (Beli sladoledIvana BajecJaka VatovecMarko K. GavezMina FinaNez PezNina ČelharSimon KocjančičZoran Pungerčar).


Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 7pm (until 16.1.)
ZINE VITRINE Simon Kocjančič: Far Out

Simon Kocjančič is presenting a selection of zines and sketchbooks, focused on his drawings of undefined or semi-recognisable motifs, in their deformity functioning as hybrid grotesque monsters or humorous doodles. He rounds off the soft, intuitive sliding of his pen stroke with almost careless additions that balance out the seemingly random depictions into attractive compositions.


Saturday, 17 December 2016 at 10am until 12am
FRESH FISH! | sales exhibition of contemporary fine art by young artists

In December, the DobraVaga project and exhibition space under Plečnik’s Arcades will feature the return of contemporary fine art by the younger generation of artists. Many of them have already held exhibitions at DobraVaga – now they will cover the walls of the former fish market with fresh, never before exhibited pieces. You’ll be able to view and purchase artwork of various sizes and artistic media – from canvasses, graphic art, collages and drawings to zines!


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 at 7pm (until 17.12.)
ARTIST PER MONTH Eva Juričan: Atomic Garden

In November, the Artist per Month exhibition series will feature young artist Eva Juričan, who will present her experiments with various techniques and bases. In her recent artwork, she draws inspiration primarily from the California skate punk scene of the 1990s, bright neon colours and the connection between image and text. With her pieces, she does not want to burden the viewer, but rather immerse them in a kind of fun nostalgia.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 7pm (until 12.12.)
ZINE VITRINE Nejc Korenič: Manifest

The ZINE VITRINE exhibition programme will feature Nejc Korenič, who will present his latest zine. According to the author, people have an inborn sense of compassion towards others, whether animals, plants or other people. Through his work in the exhibited zine, he thus searches for everyday sorrows, experiences and other factors that in time turn us into demonic monsters.


Thursday, 10 November 2016 at 7pm (until 3.12.)

Made in Maribor is a visiting exhibition of the freshest local art coming out of Maribor. An exhibition of the same name was first organised in Maribor by UGM l Umetnostna galerija Maribor in the past summer months. A second edition at the exhibition and project space DobraVaga will announce the beginning of an exacting collaboration between DobraVaga and UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, to be followed by an exhibition at UGM Studio in Maribor in December 2016.


thursday, 13 October 2016, 7pm (until 22.11.)
ZINE VITRINE Jiří Almer: Zine theory and avant-garde praxis

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition space, Jiří Almer will present the DIY publisher Pravěk and experimental music label Pravěk Noise Section, which is also active in the field of zine distribution. He will display various fanzines and artist’s books from Central and Eastern Europe, mostly of the hardcore punk persuasion, written in English and boasting intriguing graphic design. The emphasis will be on avant-garde, experimental and punk (cut&paste) exhibits. Part of the displayed collection comes from the Archive of Czech and Slovak Subcultures, where Almer works as a researcher. Ahead of the exhibition, he will give a short presentation on fanzine theory and research approaches in cultural studies. The lecture will be held in English.


Thursday, 20 October 2016 at 7pm (until 14.11.)
ARTIST PER MONTH Maks Bricelj: 1991

In October, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature young painter Maks Bricelj. The exhibition, titled 1991, will display an installation piece composed of paintings, drawings and other objects; an experimentally oriented layout, utilising ironic derivations of interpersonal and dystopic consumer relations inside and outside of civilisation, techno-communicational burdening of man and humorous generational misunderstandings.


Friday, 7th October 2016, 6pm
STRIPOLISFEST Delphine Vaute: Yvonne, l’enfant château

The exhibition programme of the Stripolisfest comic strip festival in DobraVaga will feature young French drawer and illustrator Delphine Vaute. She will showcase a selection of original drawings and illustrations from her unique picture book for adults Yvonne, l’enfant château, which was published in Slovenia last year by VigeVageKnjige and which focuses on children and their world. The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a discussion with the author, moderated by Anja Golob. During the festival, Delphine Vaute will also lead a drawing workshop on the topic of children’s memories and storytelling in images, which will be held on Saturday, 8th October, at DobraVaga.


Wednesday, 5th October 2016 at 8pm

The Bridges project is a visiting exhibition by young Rijeka artists and students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, as well as independent artists from Rijeka and Zagreb. The exhibition represents the continuation of the cooperation with the Ljubljana art scene, which began on 30th November 2015 with the Common Space exhibition in the Kortil Gallery in Rijeka.


wednesday, 7 september 2016, 7pm
ARTIST PER MONTH Helena Tahir: Faces

Helena Tahir was the first artist to book a space in the DobraVaga Open Studio, which opened in May and offers young artists the opportunity to rent a studio free of charge. After a successful three-month residence, she will exhibit her work at the monthly ARTIST PER MONTH exhibition, at which she will display her newest selection of black-and-white digital prints, in which she exploits the advantages of traditional approaches, upgrading them digitally and playing with layering and textures. Confusion, chaos and disorder, at first glance prevailing, are put in their place via composition, with the initial realistic approach then incorporated into a fantasy dream world, which has nothing in common with the laws of nature. Her current focus is on textures, fragmentation and the confusion of the world, especially portraits with different emotions and facial expressions, with the artist considering the face to be the most sublime part of the human body.


thursday, 15 october 2016, 7pm
ZINE VITRINE Mina Fina: Brez naslova/This song is untitled

Visual artist Mina Fina’s work explores different types of media, and as part of the ZINE VITRINE programme, she will showcase a collection of drawings, sketches and graphics, which finds its focus in the author’s recently published zine Robni zapis etc., etc. (2016). The zine was created using the Riso digital duplicator at her exhibition in the Kočevje Art Salon; among other graphic layout techniques one also finds collagraphy, monotyping and dry needle on foil. The artist portrays images of women, often summarized from mass media, then dressed in aesthetic and potentially subversive figures of a pure visual language and new contexts, replacing previous objectification with the possibility of identification. The artist will accompany the opening of the exhibition with a brief presentation of her previous work in the field of zines.


tuesday, 19 july 2016, 7pm
ZINE VITRINE Marko K. Gavez: hissy fit

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition space, Marko K. Gavez will present a selection of his own zines, created this year. The publications differ in size, format, motif and techniques explored by the author, with illustration being the foundation of his work. The zines include variations of drawings, sketches and random doodles, which might have appeared as that they would never find a more prominent place than the bottom of the drawer, yet in their new layouts they function with every page turned, thus coming to life in fresh and surprising wholes.


tuesday, 26 july 2016, 7pm
ARTIST PER MONTH Kristijan Dolenc Rojko: Podvodna bitja

The Artist per Month exhibition in July will present Kristijan Dolenc Rojko, a versatile artist, who has been focusing lately on the study and anatomy of animals. The exhibition space will be flooded with various fictional underwater beings, the product of his imagination and fantasy. The author’s idea originated in the monthly mermaid and merman theme in the Paper Dreams group that he is a member of, as well as an association with the DobraVaga gallery, where a fish market used to stand. He is also driven by a desire to explore and design various creatures, which excites him and represents a kind of nourishment for his spirit. In his work, the young artist plays with human and aquatic animal mutations, creating unique portraits and figures. Some border on the horrible and grotesque, as the author finds beauty in the aesthetic of the ugly, which comes from his enthusiasm for horror films, often reflected in his work.


tuesday, 28 june 2016, 7pm
ARTIST PER MONTH Nika Ham: Klaus von Hahm

June presents young artist Nika Ham, whose painting deals primarily with people, politics, iconography, consumerism and branding. On this occasion, she will display pieces about social, status and political issues, represented via animal motifs. During a certain period, after painting portraits of various historic figures, she rejected man as the most important element and instead used him merely as an object to support uncorrupted beings. Animals, supposedly inferior to man, are the focus of her perspective and treatment, exhibiting human tendencies and elevated into icons. They are a sort of hybrid between man and beast, yet retain their uncorrupted attitude towards the world and act only according to natural instinct.


wednesday, 22 june 2016, 7pm
ZINE VITRINE Zoran Pungerčar: Look Back and Laugh

In his curated selection of zines for ZINE VITRINE, Zoran Pungerčar is reflecting on the beginnings and path of Look Back and Laugh, his own small publishing house, focused on issuing artistic fanzines and artist’s books. He will display 18 zines  from LBAL, accompanied by punk fanzines, art zines and other publications from his private collection, all of which influenced the published output, from getting to know the medium to instilling inspiration and showing the way forward. At the opening of the exhibition, the author will give a short lecture on the evolution of LBAL, during which you will be able to browse and leaf through the zines.


wednesday, 25 may 2016, 8pm

The artist Nez Pez is the first to curate and present a selection of zines from her varied collection as part of the monthly ZINE VITRINE display case exhibition. Through the placement, she recreates the impression of the creative process and the themes and concepts that playfully jump between various media. She combines zines by other authors who excite and inspire her with her own zines, plaster casts of children’s toys, original drawings and origami, the latter of which approach the idea of a zine precisely through the artistic and added value of paper.


wednesday, 25 may 2016, 8pm
ARTIST PER MONTH Kapitan Kolačkov: Almost Crazy

The first to present his work in the ARTIST PER MONTH exhibition space is Captain Kolačkov, a multitalented artist and member of the 1107 KLAN graffiti art group and the UAUU Universal Atelier of Street Art. His second solo exhibition will feature illustrations through which he explores himself, searching himself out via the schizophrenia of each individual, being and idea. He attempts to nullify his own self and the identity that has defined us since childhood, redefining himself anew through art.