Arrache-toi un oeil! is an artist duo by Emy Rojas and Gaspard Le Quiniou specialized in screen printing, graphic design and illustration. They both live and work in Paris. They studied respectively at the Beaux-Arts and the School of Visual Communication and share a common interest for music and concert programming. In the spring of 2005 a group of friends introduced them to screen printing in a small workshop in the Parisian suburb of Bondy. From then on they spent several years experimenting, making mistakes, attempting and discovering. They now essentially focus on this technique and have created over the past few years more than a hundred concert posters mixing illustration, abstract art and typography. They also publish art books and elaborate music related visuals (record covers, communication materials, t-shirt designs). Over the years they have been invited to share their work in a number of French and European towns (Berlin, Rome, Brussels, Geneva, Barcelona, Tilburg). Since 2012 Emy and Gaspard build three-dimensional installations for festivals and exhibitions, designing spaces with screen printed paper, giving birth to lively and colorful interactive artworks.