Ben Sanair is an artist and a screen printer. He lives and works in the South of France. His works are regularly exhibited in France and in other places. A “creative maker” – Sanair likes inks, machinery and everything that has do with matter. Independent and audacious, he unveils imaginary worlds of rugged landscapes and futuristic horizons. Inspired by literature and contemporary art, by the Beat Generation cut-up technique, he extensively uses screentones as did pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and gets high on Keiichi Tanaami’s works. With an insatiable curiosity he devours every book he can lay his hands on and distills it deep down in his brain. After graduating from the Fine Arts School of Marseille in 2007 he created – among other things – a number of album artworks for labels like Fragments Records, Le Petit Mignon, etc. In 2013 he met RNST and turned to screen printing. Since then his visual works are dedicated to reproduction and cover walls, turn into concert and festival posters… Today Sanair runs the Générale Minérale, a publishing house he started in Monteux (Vaucluse). With this project he screen prints and publishes works of artists from around the world.