16. 12. 2021, from 18.00 / (untill 08. 01. 2022) DobraVaga
ZINE VITRINE | Tara Rubinić: Two Is the Largest Number
zine exhibition

In the zine Two Is the Largest Number, while observing her own feelings, thoughts and desires, Tara wonders how to remove the influence of the rational and the verbal in understanding emotions and the world around her. In search of love for the child within her, she takes us through childhood, which she creates with the help of distinctly dark oil paints, symbols and stylized figures.

Tara Rubinić (2004) is a visual artist of the younger generation and participated in last year’s Zine Vitrine Open Call with the zine Otrok Deček Dom. She has also been featured in the WebNox online gallery under the auspices of the Media Nox Gallery in Maribor, and this is her first solo show. In her art, she mainly focuses on painting with oils on canvas and other surfaces, such as window blinds, glass, tiles, etc.

14. 12. 2021, from 18.00 / DobraVaga (untill 08. 01. 2022)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Zdenka Pandžić, Tom Winkler: (C6H10O5)n + (Al2O3(SiO2)2(H2O)2)+ x + CH3NO2 + y

The exhibition titled (C6H10O5)n + (Al2O3(SiO2)2(H2O)2)+ x + CH3NO2 + y represents a collaboration between artists Tom Winkler and Zdenka Pandžić. In December, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature their joint project, which originates in the exploration of various minerals that have led to intriguing and unexpected derivations.

Tom Winkler (1996) studied Designing Materials – Stone at the Higher Vocational College Sežana (2015–2017), then studied Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO), where he is currently pursuing a master’s degree. His work was featured in the S03E03: This too shall archive group exhibition organized by the Gallery 7:069 pop-up gallery in collaboration with Kino Šiška, and in the Šta će biti posle? group exhibition as part of the Heartefact Festival in Belgrade, where he studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts for six months.

Zdenka Pandžić (1998) graduated in Painting from ALUO in 2021, where she currently enrolled in master’s studies. She has participated in exhibitions and projects such as the ŠIPK project Corneous Stories: Cosmetics in Society and Time (with a magazine and an artistic intervention at the Corneous Stories exhibition at the ŠKUC Gallery), the exhibition No White Canvas in the Bank of Slovenia Little Gallery (2020) and No Loitering Today, the Cataclysm Is Nearby at the Alcatraz Gallery (2021).

18. 11. 2021 at 19.00 / DobraVaga (untill 11/12/2021)
ZINE VITRINE Niki Lapkovski: Ultimate Warrior Bitches®

In his zine Ultimate Warrior Bitches®, Niki deals with the issue of the presence of the female gender in gaming culture. He points out that this appeared only recently, when we got the first professional female gamers and games that move at least a step away from the pronouncedly binary stereotypes and objectifications.

In the Ultimate Warrior Bitches® project, the images of the “archetypal warrior” are crossed with their opposites, with wrinkles, breasts, vaginas and inhumanity. These warriors are simply bitches with tits and cellulite, but they are no less dangerous. Niki writes, “What do Tekken 3 and feminism have in common? Nothing! That’s why the Ultimate Warrior Bitches® are here to fuck up all the macho people who didn’t let them play their Game Boys.”

Niki Lapkovski has a freshly minted Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He tries to justify his title by working on various graphic design projects. In the last two years, he has collaborated mostly with the Maska Institute, for which he is currently designing the fifth issue of their eponymous magazine. In a more informal context, he also tattoos friends and draws comics. Two of his short comics were published in 2020 in the Komikaze anthology. When he doesn’t communicate visually in one way or another, he does so through music, in the Lovekovski duo, who are releasing their debut album this year. Their sonority can also be heard in the play Everything Is OK, directed by Nataša Živković, which premiered at this year’s City of Women.

18. 11. 2021 at 19.00 / DobraVaga (untill 11/12/2021)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Vita Eva Weisseisen: Art Is Boring, Let’s Go Dancing

The exhibition is a love letter to the singer and pop culture icon Madonna. In her work, Madonna intertwines art and entertainment; her music is commercial, but at the same time it has a certain weight and pushes the boundaries of musical art. Similarly, artist Vita Eva Weisseisen likes to indulge in free artistic creation that is not limited by strict concepts, but is relaxed and lets her have fun with it. It seems to her that this kind of art is often perceived as frivolous, bad and without artistic value, so sometimes she would rather leave everything and go dancing.

Vita Eva Weisseisen is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is a member and cofounder of the Podmladek collective. She has participated in various group exhibitions, such as AppointMENT and Fresh Fish: Drawing at the DobraVaga Gallery. She has held exhibitions at Švicarija with the Blagor collective and at Mini Teater, the Škuc Gallery and the Soteska bar with the Podmladek collective. In her works, she focuses on her current interests (music, film, pop culture and literature), which she connects to her personal experiences. She often links her drawings with texts, thus creating a sort of diary, without being limited by technique.

9. 11. 2021 at 19.00 / DobraVaga (until 30/11/2021 )
showcase of Czech illustration – Ljubljana

LUSTR is a festival of illustration and comics that took place this year for the eighth time in September in the center of Prague, Czech Republic. The festival focuses on the presentation of young authors and, in addition to traditional print media, also presents experiments and overlaps of illustrators and comics creators into other media, such as textile, animation, painting, embroidery and much more. In this year’s exhibition entitled “Ruined” reflected the specifics of the past year marked by the covid pandemic and social and environmental crises. How did the lockdown or the stagnation of the book market affect the work of the illustrators? What topics did the last year bring and did young authors find more creative freedom thanks to the slowing down?

Artists: Martin Lacko, Přemysl Černý, Nýbrž group, Jana Jarošová, Lucie Lučanská, Anastasia Stročkova, Tereza Šiklová, Jakub Veselý, Marek Rubec

Curator of LUSTR On Tour: Barbora Müllerová

Wednesday 6. 10 2021, DobraVaga (05/11/2021)
ARTIST PER MONTH X TINTA | Dora Kaštrun: Frogs

Frogs is an exhibition of humorous short comics by Dora Kaštrun, featuring two frogs. They spawned this spring at VigeVageKnjige. With their frog logic, they tackle the world through wordplay and wisecracks. They do everything people, pardon, frogs do. Go on holiday, gather mushrooms and lie in front of the TV. The eternally disappointed penguin Marko lives nearby, occasionally wondering whether it makes sense to wait for death. Luckily, he has the frogs at his side and they manage to keep him busy through their playfulness.

Dora Kaštrun (1994) is an M.A. student of illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She has been drawing her whole life – both for fun and for real. She is interested in illustration, comics and animated films. She has held two solo exhibitions and several group ones. Last year, she received the Goethe Institute award for the visual accompaniment to artist Marinella Senatore’s Song for Ljubljana, as well as an honorable mention for Best Album Cover at Tresk Festival at DobraVaga. Her graduation thesis animation Fish Soup was screened at the Animateka Festival.

Wednesday 6. 10. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 05/11/2021)
ZINE VITRINE x TINTA | Agate Lielpetere: Take a Ride With Me
zine exhibition

“Limouzine” is a visual wordplay with the words limousine and zine. It is a witty sneak peek into a premium limousine chauffeur’s day of business in the form of a comic. The accordion-type format used in the zine puts emphasis on the stretch car (limo) and the even more stretched day of the driver, as the full length of the zine when open is as long as a person with medium-length arms can spread them.

Agate Lielpetere (1995, Latvia) is a visual artist and illustrator, living and working in Ljubljana. She graduated in Arts and Humanities (Graphic Arts) from the Art Academy of Latvia. So far, she has held three solo shows in Riga and Ljubljana, as well as participated in numerous international group exhibitions. Interested in the irony of life, Agate claims her “bad sense of humour” runs in the family.

Wednesday 6. 10. 2021, DobraVaga (Untill 05/11/2021)
group exhibition

The Berlin-based Art Press and Riso Printing Studio Colorama is presenting an exhibition of the complete Colorama catalogue, featuring over 70 books of current comics and visual narration, at the DobraVaga Gallery during the Tinta Comics Festival. The Colorama Catalogue exhibition will present all publications from the past six years of publishing, as well as highlight the recent Clubhouse 14 anthology.

Clubhouse is an ongoing collaboration project curated by comics arstist and ilustrator Aisha Franz and Johanna Maierski (Colorama) – the guiding idea of it being to create a platform that brings different artists together and invites them to share their work and creative processes with each other. Each year, a group of artists is invited to collaborate on a comics anthology. The first three instalments happened in Berlin, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, the most recent publication emerged from a remote residency that was held via video calls and email conversations.

Colorama is a small art press and Riso printing studio, based in Berlin and run by Johanna Maierski since 2015. Their publications and exhibitions present contemporary artists in the field of experimental comics and artists’ books, as well as projects that explore speculative forms of narration, collective narration and alternative knowledge production. The studio understands publishing and printing as an artistic, collaborative practice and a democratic tool to participate in artistic and political discourses.

Colorama focuses on giving access to knowledge and networks through residency programs, teaching and consultation, continuously contemplating their role as a publisher and teacher. They are part of a wider community of publishers and printers that believe in para-institutional learning, equity and autonomy.Colorama believes that walking upright with a like-minded individual loosely holding your hand will sharpen your thoughts, strengthen your practice and soothe your self-doubt – resulting in something new, exciting and rewarding.

Friday 3 September 2021, DobraVaga (Until 02/10/)
ZINE VITRINE | Sreda v sredo: Anal A

At times, it seems an almost impossible task to describe the Sreda V Sredo collective (SVS). But if we make a bit of an effort, we can at least say that the team includes four members (Žiga Artnak, Urban Cerjak, Matic Flajs, Aljaž Košir – Fejzo), who make art every Wednesday. The majority of their work are prints made with deep printing techniques, which is not only an intriguing art practice, but also a strong symbolic middle finger to the hyper-produced and uninteresting art we are too often surrounded by in the cultural space. But let’s take it easy.

To begin with, the SVS boys will provide a glimpse of their more spontaneous activities for their debut exhibition, of the production that occurs when the brakes are off and the heads are detoxed. On Friday, 3 September 2021 at 7 PM, their zine “Anal A” will be displayed at the DobraVaga Gallery, featuring Matko’s, Uri’s and Fajzula’s interpretations of good and less good film hits from the recent past.

Have you seen Braveheart, Anaconda or Home Alone 3 yet? Soon you’ll be able to experience them through the eyes of Sreda V Sredo.

Thursday 9. 9. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 04/10/2021)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Maša Knašič: Sharpening … Please Steady Your Device

In September, artist Maša Knapič will hold a solo exhibition at the DobraVaga Gallery. The basic starting point of her work is the painting medium. She mainly addresses the questions of the position of painting today and what can (still) be its content. Through repetition, the use of various technological procedures and experimentation with materials, she builds images that hint at content that evades. The paintings in the exhibition are scattered and disassembled into parts that are in an interdependent relationship. Stability is achieved due to the repetition of elements, but there is a likelihood that at some point, it will change and collapse.

Maša Knapič (1996) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019, where she is currently completing her master’s degree. She works in the field of painting, which she understands as being in an inseparable relationship with other media. She places her paintings in a coherent relationship with drawings, plastics and space. Shee explores the impact of the environment on the individual, the repetition of patterns of behavior, and identity. In doing so, she is interested in the relationship between the image and its bearer and the context in which an individual work is embedded. She often manipulates the capabilities of the material she works with. She is also involved in design. Since 2018, she has participated in the student platform Galerija 7:069, where she works as an exhibition organizer.

Thursday 9. 9. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 04/10/2021)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Blaž Rojs : Transparency

Throughout his studies and alongside graphic design, Blaž Rojs focused on his artistic expression through eroticism, always addressing it in multiple layers. His finished pieces are the product of a combination of different media, attaining their final form through the eternal experiment. In the exhibition, the artist explores transparency in both a material and a substantive sense, giving the viewer free rein to determine meaning.

Blaž Rojs (1995) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He concluded his studies of Graphic Design in 2020 with a thesis titled Intervention in Photography, which was followed by an exhibition at the Fotopub Gallery.

Wednesday 18. 8. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 04/09/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi: vacay mode on

In her artistic practice, Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi tackles the phenomenon of the image on the internet, exploring the intertwining of popular culture, social networks and art. In her works, we often encounter the appropriation of world-famous scenes from art history. She creates new interpretations and meanings by transferring online content to gallery spaces and spatial interventions. The video collages, which she initially presented to her followers on Instagram, show famous scenes from paintings by the artist David Hockney, in which she places herself and tries to conjure up a carefree, relaxed and light-hearted feeling of summer days by lying down, soaking in the pool, lazing around and reading in the shade.
#vacaymodeon #životjeplaža

Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi (1992) is a visual artist, designer and online entertainer. She was born in Rijeka, studied and lived in Ljubljana, but returned to her hometown due to the pandemic, because otherwise she would have missed the sea too much. She focuses mainly on the phenomenon of video and image in the age of the internet – she explores the relationship between new media, popular culture and art, especially in relation to the limitations of social networks. In her short online videos, she is developing a critical attitude towards current trends, and also participates in various art exhibitions. She has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions as part of her studies, as well as at various institutions and festivals in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. She also works as an animation designer on many projects. She would like to become an influencer and erase the stigma that this profession carries through her activities.

Monday 9. 8. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 04/09/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Anastazija Pirnat: but she is a very nice lady and she is a very nice person and she is a very nice

Anastazija Pirnat is an artist active primarily in the field of painting. Her work discusses the issue of erasure as a way of building the visual. In addition, she is also characterized by a fascination with the failure of expression itself through the language and the images it builds. The paintings in the exhibition can be read as her own position of questioning the moral position of declaring herself as an artist, or as a humorous and ironic statement, with which she aims to emphasize the banality of human nature.

Anastazija Pirnat (1996) graduated from Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019, where she is currently enrolled in an M.A. programme. She has held solo exhibitions at the Ravne Gallery (Ravne na Koroškem, 2021) and Raum Arte Utile (Slovenj Gradec, 2019). She has also participated in several group exhibitions: at the Equrna Gallery (Ljubljana, 2018), at the TSUNK Triennial of Contemporary Art in Koroška (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška, Slovenj Gradec, 2018), S02E04 (City of Ljubljana, 2019), DLUM Gallery (Maribor, 2019), Academia Moderna (Zagreb, 2020) and the Little Gallery of the Bank of Slovenia (Ljubljana, 2021).

Thursday 27. 5. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 28/08/)
NEIGHBOURS. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats DOBRAVAGA GALLERY 5TH ANNIVERSARY
Dear neighbours!
Zine Vitrine reading room

The second curated display of zines from our Zine Vitrine archive is inspired by the theme of the 5th anniversary of DobraVaga: neighbours. We’re focusing on zines that address various neighbourly relationships – interinstitutional, interstate, intimate, friendly – and on zines that talk about city life.

The thematic sections in the Zine Vitrine archive are related to the current DobraVaga program. We feature three sections per year, including curated zine highlights, zine workshops and in-depth posts about individual zines on social networks and in the online Zine Vitrine archive.

image: Nik Erik Neubauer, from the zine Tisoč Ljubljana, 2018

Thursday 27. 5. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 28/08/)
NEIGHBOURS. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats DOBRAVAGA GALLERY 5TH ANNIVERSARY

At the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, we’re taking a look around our surroundings. Neighbours. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats is the title of the main group exhibition, topically encompassing a group zine exhibition, Artist per Month solo exhibition and accompanying events as well. Over three days, we’ll take a look at our role in co-creating the urban pulse of the city, providing possible answers to the question of what it means to be a neighbour with the help of participating artists. We don’t understand neighbourly relations just in the literal sense. Rather, we view our fellow citizens, the diverse urban actors who bring the city to life and whom we still miss when we stay at home, as neighbours. It was while having to stay at home that some of us began to get to know our neighbours and experience coexistence in a completely different way.

Artists: Eva Bevec, Jure Brglez & Tereza Prepadnik, Peter Cerovšek, Nina Čelhar, Peter Ferlan, Ester Ivakič, Lena KocutarPetra Korent, Janja Kosi, Klara Kracina, Lene Lekše & Mihael Novak, Lenart MerlinTeja Miholič, Danilo Milovanović, Name:, Nik Erik Neubauer, Neža Perovšek, Nez Pez, Lucija Rosc, Nika Rupnik, Srcozlom, Fedja Šičarov, Dorijan Šiško, Dorotea Škrabo – Skrabzi, Anne TasselLuka UršičTadej Vaukman

Thursday 13. 5. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 02/06/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Urša Rahne: Cross If You Dare

As part of the fifth anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, multimedia artist Urša Rahne is presenting the video installation Cross If You Dare. In it, she explores the notion of transgression through the content and layout of the installation itself. The installation features two videos of surrounding residents, their behaviour and mutual interactions that the author filmed during her time in Belgrade. The footage of apartment building balconies and their diverse occupants questions the boundary between public and private, while the literal crossings of the city’s traffic chaos and dangerous road crossings offer a reflection on the functionality of the legal regulation of capitalist society, which still seems to be dominated by the rule of the stronger.

Urša Rahne is a multimedia artist, currently based in Ljubljana. She is interested in documentary and art photography, video art and film. She draws inspiration from her everyday surroundings, connecting them to the social and political issues of contemporary society. 

Thursday 27. 6. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 29/06/)
AJDA KADUNC│Open studio

Ajda Kadunc (1995) graduated in 2018 from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where she is currently enrolled in the Painting M.A. programme. In the beginning of 2020, she was an exchange student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. Before graduating, she had participated in the FIN-DE-SIECLE #II group exhibition at Layer House in Kranj, and in autumn 2018, she held a solo exhibition at the Stična Monastery Gallery. In 2019, her work was featured in the group exhibition of the 7069 pop-up gallery at C.M.A.K. Cerkno, and in November that same year, her short animated film was screened as part of the Panorama programme of the 16th Animateka Festival. In the beginning of 2020, she participated in the AppointMENT #4 music poster exhibition and the Fresh Fish: Drawing exhibition, both at the DobraVaga Gallery. Her artistic work draws directly from life’s circumstances, and she is intrigued by coincidence, fluidity, absurdity, uncertainty and the overturning of constructed reality and normality. 

Thursday 5. 5. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 22/05/)
POP-UP exhibition | Nastja Utroša: Net

Nastja Utroša is holding her first solo exhibition, titled Net, at the DobraVaga Gallery. In a series of scratchboards, she questions the concept of the herd instinct, the different behaviors of people in a group, and their unconscious entanglement within numerous social structures. The inspiration for the dark works in smaller sizes, created on laminated canvas, originates in her parallel exploration of the behavioral traits of certain fish species. A specific biological phenomenon, called shoaling or schooling, characterizes fish that stay in a group for hydrodynamic and, above all, social reasons. It is not just an ordinary school, but a complex, incredibly synchronous structure of fish, which, with the help of such a group, are more successful in defending themselves against predators, find food and partners faster, and successfully save energy due to their harmonious movement. They glide side-by-side at a precise physical distance and with high responsiveness; if one fish changes the direction of swimming, the others follow it synchronously. At this point, the artist discovers parallels with human society, as people as social beings also move in different groups, where we often follow the impulses and behavior of other individuals. Because we tend to imitate those we value or who are valued by others, we quickly become part of a system where a sense of free decision-making and thinking is no longer self-evident. Precisely because of our closeness and connection, we can fall into the trap even faster together, just like a compact school of fish gets caught in a net despite its ingenuity and harmony.

Nastja Utroša (1995) is a young Slovenian visual artist focused on illustration and graphics. In 2018, she graduated in architecture from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture in Maribor. Since 2019, she has been attending a master’s degree in urban planning at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. In 2019, in tandem with the JNŽ studio, she participated in the Ventura Future exhibition, which was featured at the Saloni del Mobile design week in Milan, the Maison et Objet fair in Paris, and the Kunsthall Oslo gallery in Norway. This year, she and JNŽ studio are featured together at the Exhibition of Slovenian Design – The Future of Living in Vienna. Her works most often reflect the consequences of various socio-political activities on the individual. She utilises minimalist aesthetics, grotesque elements and bizarre motifs, which, in addition to anthropomorphic creatures and geometric interweaving, also include four-legged friends and fish suitable for the gallery space.

Curator: Maša Žekš

Thursday 14 April 2021, DobraVaga (Until 25/05/)
FRESH FISH #newwave

The FRESH FISH commercial exhibition series features the new, fresh wave of current artistic production. This time, our selection focuses on media and techniques that enable making works of art in only one, original copy, complementing them with a wave of recent graphic production. Regardless of the medium, the exhibited works attract attention with innovative, experimental technical approaches and relaxed artistic expressions.

Artists: Adrijan Praznik, Alin Kostiov, Ava Tribušon Ovsenik, Dalea Kovačec, Ema Kobal, Jaka Juhant, Jaka Teršek, Janja Kosi, Klara Kracina, Lea Topolovec, Lo Milo, Maruša Račič, Mina Fina, Monika Slemc, Nastja Utroša, Nina Čelhar, Neža Perovšek, Nika Rupnik, Nuka Horvat, Peter Ferlan, Petra Korent, Rok Roudi, Sangara Perhaj, Sara Skenderija, Vita Eva Weisseisen, Zala Kalan

Thursday 5. 5. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 25/05/)
Paper Tigers Books: Day X

The individual publications in the series of five books titled Day X feature a 24-hour collaboration between a writer and a photographer each. Between 2016 and 2019, the five artist duos were invited to produce two parallel artistic interpretations of the one day they spent together.

Without placing a particular focus on the issues facing Europe at the time, each project nonetheless provides a snapshot of the prevailing mood in the various corners of this continent, as perceived by the artists on their chosen date.

The publications feature varied themes and approaches – a road trip, a portrait of a German village, and daytime and nighttime walking or travelling through both natural and urban habitats. They combine photography and text on an equal footing, with the images and text connected, yet independent, weaving in and out of sync.

Edited by Laura Braun and Eva Eicker, Day X was born out of an intention to initiate the artists’ personal projects and ideas that were easily realisable due to the limitations imposed by the format, and to encourage collaboration between the disciplines of photography and writing.

Thursday 6. 5. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 25/05/)
ZINE VITRINE | Sara Bezovšek: Encyclopezine

Sara Bezovšek is a visual artist who is active in the fields of graphic design, new media and experimental film. In her work, she collects, stores and collages the visual references she encounters while browsing online or watching films and series. Encyclopezine is part of the Nature and Social Studies cycle and is based on exploring and discovering various interesting facts about natural and social phenomena, which the author collects and edits into her own encyclopedia.

Sara Bezovšek (1993) holds a master’s degree in Visual Communications, majoring in Graphic Design, from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In 2018, she held a solo exhibition titled (◉_◉) at the Aksioma Project Space in Ljubljana, and received the ALUO Prešeren Award for the ZNAM mobile application. Her work was also featured in the Computering solo exhibition at the Kamera Gallery in Kino Šiška in 2019 and the Nature and Science exhibition at GT22 in Maribor in 2020. In 2020 she also participated in the Open Studio artist residency at the DobraVaga Gallery.

Thursday 22. 4. 2021, DobraVaga (Until 11/05/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Janja Kosi: Serving Suggestion

The artist has always associated the Scandinavian chain Ikea with an experience; a family outing and fantasizing about her own ideally furnished home. Ikea is a space for daydreaming. A non-place where we are ourselves and no one at the same time. We can compose infinite possible combinations. If we get tired, we can sit down and rest. Treat ourselves to a meal as a refreshment. When the artist wanted to remember the mall building itself, it was just a blurred yellow-blue box shape. By traveling through online maps, she began visiting Ikea buildings in various cities, examining them, and depicting them on postcards as an architectural highlight of the city. Her starting point is an emphasis on the exterior, the packaging (of the consumer experience), where it is not entirely clear whether she is surrendering and praising this dazzling world of consumption and the daydreaming it offers, or merely mimicking its approaches and pointing at the hollowness and emptiness behind its attractive façade.

Janja Kosi studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana, receiving her Master’s degree in 2020. She is active in the fields of visual arts, painting, illustration and animation. Her work has been featured in the darling the roof is leaking (DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana, 2019) solo exhibition, as well as several group exhibitions, including Provisional. For the foreseeable future. (Fotopub, Ljubljana, 2020), Prelaunch Days EKO 8 (UGM – MTT, Maribor, 2020), 4WD; The Polycentricity of Painting issues in the Works of Four Authors (Moderna Gallery, Zagreb, 2020), Another Time and Place (Improper Walls, Vienna, 2019). In 2020, she received the ALUO Award for her Master’s thesis titled Everyday Life of Heterotopic Space / X°Y’Z’’ N – A°B’C’’ E. Her work is characterised by spatial layouts and the intertwining of various media, where one can still feel a painterly note. She is primarily interested in the subjective perception of space and the latter’s connection to the notion of a place. 

Thursday 14 April 2021, DobraVaga (Until 05/05/)
ZINE VITRINE | Bor Kokelj: Nightcrawler Diaries

As a sort of abstract diary, the zine features various glimpses into the author’s nightly online adventures. Each individual piece was created as a response to the several hours spent each day consuming content, which the author did even more during quarantine. The author depicts this both critically and idyllically through various symbols, such as film scenes, song lyrics, outdated internet images and the like.

Ana Likar

Wednesday 24 March 2021, DobraVaga (Until 20/04/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Ana Likar: 9.7639

A grounded man lives in the illusion of solid support given to them by the planet. Gravity is self-evident, and any fall will end in rough contact with the ground, with a reality that will put everything that was possible, probable, or simply undefined before the collision in its place. Eliminate any arbitrariness and determine the one, perhaps fated possibility in a field of them.
Such a seemingly indisputable determination proves questionable when we have the opportunity to devote ourselves to the human body, stolen away from gravity and its absoluteness. The position of the human body in weightless neutrality is quite different from the paradigmatic images of the upright man. A body that is not bound to gravity is a floating, traveling body, and the Earth, to which it returns in a dramatic collision, merely an obstacle in its indeterminate path. This is precisely what a fall is when it lacks a goal: floating. Floating as a potentiality versus the absoluteness of a collision.
When Hito Steyerl contemplates free fall, she associates it with the lack of a sense of groundedness that modern man faces. Falling into the void and yielding to the unknown, which may seem like a pretty hopeless image at first glance, becomes much more optimistic if we assume that the solid ground against which one could crash at the end of such a fall is just an illusion. That it does not really exist, that modern man’s feeling of ungroundedness is not a cause for concern, but a possibility for the emergence of something new. Uncertainty that enables.
In the project, Ana Likar allows for such a possibility in the title itself: 9.7639 is the deviation from the constant denoting gravitational acceleration, the same for any body on Earth’s surface. At the same time, the minimum deviation also represents the closest approximation to floating on Earth. The images we encounter are related to actual attempts at living in weightless space and are embedded in a setting alluding to Richard Hamilton’s 1955 exhibition Man, Machine and Motion. Hamilton had collected photographs showing the extent of mankind’s efforts to overcome spatial and temporal distances. With her choice of photographs, Ana Likar also emphasizes the historical aspect of similar experiments, but at the same time directs us to their perseverance, despite the inevitable collisions. Into the potentiality that may still lie in the idea of floating and at the point where the inevitable has not yet happened.

Ana Likar (1996) is a student at the Department for Site-Specific Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She works in intermedia, holding exhibitions sporadically and primarily in Austria (New Jörg, Mauve, Fluc, as part of the Shifting Sites: Territories and Space symposium, occasionally also organised by herself – repetition is a form of change), once in Moscow with support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, once in Armenia at the Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters, and also in Ljubljana in 2020 (Gallery 7:069 at Kino Šiška). In between, she thinks a lot about alternative temporalities, (im)possible futures, and the subversive in art. She is a recipient of a scholarship by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

Maruša Račič

Thursday 4 March 2021, DobraVaga (Until 07/04/)

She’s 99 % UNICORN. 
And you, if you don’t already, come on – BELIEVE IN YOUR #SELFIE.
Maybe you also don’t yet know that there’s still time to save our planet: SAVE WATER, DRINK TEQUILA.
The trend of designing and wearing educational T-shirts increases with a collection for the local market, so that next spring will find you fashionable, wise and CLASSY AS FUCK.

The author found inspiration for the exhibited zine in the “fashionable” T-shirts with more or less silly captions and quotes, which she likes to observe on passersby when going through town. Some of the spontaneous word formation and wordplay by the author and her friends is therefore recorded in drawings and collages in the zine, which features a fresh collection of T-shirts with captions, titled “Spring Šamar 2021”.

Maruša Račič is a graphic designer active in the fields of design, illustration and photography. As a self-employed cultural worker, she works in the Kras region and in Ljubljana. Her spontaneous creative escapes, primarily through drawings and collages, represent a counterpoint to the primarily digital work required by her job. They provide her with an artistic expression that is unburdened and playful. She is also especially fond of analogue photography, which often finds a place in her original works or client projects. Her artwork has been featured in several exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, and she has received several awards for her work.

Fresh fish

FRESH FISH | #UnchartedWaters

At the DobraVaga Gallery, we’ve revitalized our collection with the fresh artistic production of authors we’ve already been working with, as well as a bunch of those that will be debuting their works with us for the first time. The former fish market will provide a home to pieces made during the idleness and uncertainty of lockdown, as well as those that recall the nicer, more carefree times before. As befits the situation, all pieces will be on display and available for purchase in the DobraVaga online store as well. 

Artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Eva Bevec, Jure Brglez, Matic Brinc, Katarina Caserman, Peter Ferlan, Nuka Horvat, Klemen Ilovar, Jaka Juhant,  Ajda Kadunc, Petra Korent, Alin Kostiov, Tatjana Kotnik, Klara Kracina, Matija Medved, Lenart Merlin, Teja Miholič, Sangara Perhaj, Eva Popit, Tereza Prepadnik, Zoran Pungerčar, Urša Rahne, Sara Rman, Lucija Rosc, Rok Roudi, Marko Šajn, Jaka Teršek, Lea Topolovec, Jaka Vatovec, Vita Weisseisen, Žiga Roš.

Off the Hook

Thursday, 17. 12. 2020, 19.00, DobraVaga 
OFF THE HOOK | Sprejmi in nadaljuj / Accept and Continue
online exhibition

The fourth edition of the Off the Hook exhibition, titled Accept and Continue, brings together artists who are exploring online phenomena, often finding inspiration in pop culture, social network content and concurrent social events. By gathering, exploring and creating various online content, the artists are questioning how it is created, who forms it and how it circulates among users. They are approaching the selected topics with a certain amount of humour and pervasiveness, thereby reflecting their own understanding of various social and political structures.

Off the Hook is an international exhibition project bringing together and featuring local artists of the younger generation. After exhibitions in Vienna, Berlin and Budapest, the current edition is designed entirely for the internet. The exhibition is approached as an art medium that offers reflection on the placement of internet content (back) in its original environment, while at the same time playing with the boundaries between art and the various forms of information we encounter while browsing online today.

Participating artists: freštreš, Teja Miholič, Sara Bezovšek, Nik Erik Neubauer, Matic Pandel, Lucija Rosc

Curator: Lara Mejač


Lea Topolovec

Thursday 25 February 2021, DobraVaga (Until 22/03/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Lea Topolovec: Pit Stop

Pit Stop is a continuation of the artist’s project exploring the discussion and alteration of a neutral gallery space. When filling the empty gallery of the Fotopub project space (Academia Nuts program) with her installation Pit Stop, she followed her own rules, imagination and intuition, creating a special sensory experience by juxtaposing material through them. The seemingly simple and clean formation provided the visitor with many different readings and entry points, with the installation increasing in complexity as a result. Now Lea is transferring her conceptual and material foundations into a different environment and thereby a new context, again allowing for the possibility of new, unpredictable and unexpected results occurring through the same levers, while the mutual responses between the material, the space and the viewer establish new semantic values.

Lea Topolovec is studying Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In the past school year, she participated in a study exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, which represented a significant contribution to her work. During her studies, she has also expanded her understanding of visual art through various workshops, usually within the framework of various festivals. In her everyday work, Lea most often utilises analog and digital photography, though she does not exclude other media or methods, always leaning towards combining and intertwining them. Through her projects, she explores and establishes a specific attitude towards society and the environment. The content of her works is conceptually complex, formally often striving towards purity. So far, her work has been featured in several group exhibitions, including at the DobraVaga Gallery.

Asiana Jurca Avci

Wednesday 10 February 2021, DobraVaga (until 2/3/)
ZINE VITRINE | Asiana Jurca Avci: It Doesn’t Matter

In her transparent photozine, Asiana Jurca Avci plays around by layering images and meaning, thereby hinting at an individual’s and society’s multilayeredness. She reflects on the contexts through which our individuums are formed and through which we create our own worlds. She wants to know what it is to be someone else, yet she is also aware that we will never know this.

Asiana Jurca Avci (1992) was born in London. Since 1999, she has lived in Ljubljana, where she graduated in Photography from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2015. She presents her (chiefly autobiographical) work primarily in the form of photozines and books, which are characterised by confessional poetics and a knack for narration, which originates in her love of film. Her works often explore topics such as interpersonal relations, motivation, self-image and the issue of originality in artistic expression. Recently, her interests have shifted from the (hyper) production of images to more in-depth on artistic production itself. She has participated in various group exhibitions in both Slovenia and the Balkan region, in recent years including the exhibitions “Njen novi vzhod” (2018) at the Galženica Gallery in Nova Gorica in Croatia and “Riot Not Diet” (2019) at the Račka Gallery in Celje. In October 2020, her first solo exhibition “A to je to?”, which is part of her M.A. thesis, the practical part of which is titled “The Production of Value and the Value of Reproduction”, was featured at the Fotopub project space.

Nina Goropečnik

ARTIST PER MONTH | Nina Goropečnik: which is not (yet) visible

In her work, Nina Goropečnik discusses the relationship between the private and the public, and explores the limits of performance art and its documentation. In the exhibition which is not (yet) visible, she presents the traces of performative actions in which she told intimate stories to viewers in a language they did not understand. Her work complicates the moment when something becomes visible, as the artist plays with disclosure and concealment within it. The viewer of the exhibition, who can only access the incomplete documentation of the performances, is placed at a distance and can only speculate about the original event.

Nina Goropečnik (1993) graduated in 2017 from Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, where she is currently enrolled in post-graduate studies. She is part of a younger generation of artists who work in the field of performance art. She has held a solo exhibition at the DLUL Gallery (Ljubljana, 2020) and participated in several group exhibitions, including at the Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri Gallery (Hjalteyri, Iceland, 2018), Layer House (Kranj, Slovenia, 2018) and DA! Festival (Zagreb, Croatia, 2017). In 2019, her artistic work was featured at the P74 Gallery as part of the My Story project. Since the same year, she is a member of the Gallery 7:069 collective, which focuses on presenting younger student production.


Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 8 pm, DobraVaga (until 14/11/)
commercial group exhibition

Komikaze, a network for the creation, promotion and distribution of original comics from Croatia, will debut the new version of the Femicomix exhibition project, which aims to emphasize the power and potential of original female expression in contemporary comics, at the DobraVaga Gallery during the Tinta Comics Festival.

The exhibition will feature comics, posters and a selection of other artwork by eight Croatian artists and active Komikaze protagonists of the younger and middle generation: Ivana Armanini, Nikolina Fuzul, Korina Hunjak, Tea Jurišić, Ena Jurov, Klarxy, Agata Lučić and Apolonija Lučić. The authors work in the fields of comics, illustration, graphic design and painting, with exploration and experimentation leading them towards heterogeneous artistic expressions and the use of various approaches and techniques.

Nuka Horvat

Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 8 pm, DobraVaga (until 12/11/)
TINTA x ZINE VITRINE | Nuka Horvat: Funnel

With the help of semi-abstract and unpleasant images, the comic book zine Funnel takes us through the process of radicalisation into alt-right hate groups. The depicted moments are torn from their real context and linked in such a way that they form a fragmented, incomplete narrative. In the zine, Nuka tries to capture the feelings of alienation, despair and fear, which, in the current global conditions, can push people towards ideologies of hate as if down a funnel.

Nuka Horvat (1997) is a graduate student of illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He likes making zines, comics, animations and illustrations, exploring what turns nonsensical shapes into recognisable images and vice versa. He has participated in several group exhibitions, and this is his first solo outing.

Dora Benčevič

Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 8 pm, DobraVaga (until 3/11/)
TINTA x ARTIST PER MONTH | Dora Benčevič: Serenades

The young artist has been living above rather lively streets her entire life; from Ptuj to Ljubljana, she is constantly accompanied by the bustle of city life. Serenades are anecdotes, fleeting clips of life she hears beneath her window – especially when trying to catch some sleep. From the confessions of a tearful girl to the drunken singing of passing merrymakers, these are all stories that inspire her comic book art.

Dora Benčevič (2000) was born into an artistic family, with which she travelled around the world when she was five. She has always been interested in illustration and animation. In 2019, she graduated from the Koper Art Gymnasium, where Prof. Matej Kocjan, an important member of the Stripburger scene, got her interested in comic books. That same year, she illustrated the vivid visual image of the Days of Poetry and Wine festival, and received the opportunity to create her first mini comic book, The Essence of an Artist (Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana, 2020), which finally firmly anchored her in comic books.

Nik Erik Neubauer

Thursday 10 September 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 06/10/)
ZINE VITRINE | Nik Erik Neubauer: You Should Go to Ms. Phranca!

Photographer Nik Erik finds the times we are living in interesting, but also somewhat strange. His exhibition warns that regardless of the situation we are in, we should never forget our friends, as we can never know when we will need them to save our ass. 

Nik Erik Neubauer is a documentary photographer from Ljubljana. He is currently enrolled in the M.A. programme of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He has received awards at numerous international competitions, including Brussels Street Photography Festival, Balkan Photo Awards and Rovinj Photodays. He was also selected for a masterclass in documentary photography by the NOOR and VII agencies.

Ajda Kadunc

Thursday 3 September 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 05/10/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Ajda Kadunc: Never nothing

The series of works is being created during a time of information overload and questions the established real and right, celebrating (non)sense. The artist addresses a piece as a condition that is activated through associations or the instantaneous response to the direct information she receives. In doing so, “mistakes” occur – situations that create an uneasy atmosphere, which is simultaneously extremely comfortable and liberated of meaning. Through strange, fragmented forms and textures, interruptions, repetition, ambiguity, fluidity, coincidence, nonsense, confusion, clumsiness and automatism, she seeks the moment of disturbance and works with what is.

Ajda Kadunc (1995) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the M.A. programme of Painting there. In the beginning of 2020, she attended a study exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. She draws her artistic processes from direct living circumstances, and is interested in coincidence, fluidity, absurdity, uncertainty, and overthrowing the constructed reality and normality. She views work as a certain condition, most often activated through the pressure of success or failure.

Festival Tresk

Friday 25 September 2020, DobraVaga (until 3/10/)
competition exhibition 

Each year, the traditional Tresk Festival competitions emphasize selected visual works that are related to music publishing in one way or another. Through five categories, they encourage the recognition of the importance of well-designed physical carriers of music publishing activities, their promotional material, and music event documentation. The winning selection has been chosen by a jury of local artists, in the categories of album image design, music event poster, most innovative comprehensive approach to event advertising and design, concert venue, club stage and backstage photography, and independent music videos. The exhibition is part of the Tresk Festival, whose events have been spread out throughout the entire year.

The prizes are awarded by the DobraVaga Gallery, TAM-TAM Institute, Golden Drum and the Slovene Advertising Festival, Fotografija Gallery, Slovenian Cinematheque, FeKK, Liffe, VIS and Outsider Magazine.

Tuesday 30 June 2020, DobraVaga (until 5/9/ -> extended through 23/9/
DobraVaga Gallery 4th anniversary group exhibition

Together with the Riso Paradiso family, we invited 15 Slovenia-based artists to outline and record one or more starting points relating to the term “position” (for example, positions in work, society, living surroundings and artwork), using the Riso print technique, to mark the 4th anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery.

We selected the term “position” as the thematic starting point during the period of initial measures and changed circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which have reshaped our positions and standpoints. In the current conditions, we began wandering around nature more, cycling at protests, reflecting on our own consumption of certain goods, experiencing empty cities, socialising even more on social networks and video calls, perhaps experiencing loneliness, realising the need for human touch, working in different circumstances or being left without projects, thinking about and developing alternative forms of cultural events, and doing, discovering, contemplating much more.

The new conditions provide us with a different perspective and starting point for the future, driving us to discover alternative spaces, principles, roles in the field of culture, economy, politics, labour, public and private life.

At DobraVaga, the term “position” is especially near to our hearts, as it can also refer to the structure of a visual work, the positions and artistic structure of images, the composition and placement of the elements that make up the story/content. Alongside the limited colour palette of the Riso technique, the project aims to initiate reflection on the artistic construction of the resulting artwork.

Artists: Sara Bezovšek, Jure Brglez, Tjaša Cizej, Jaka Juhant, Simon Kocjančič, Tatjana Kotnik, Gašper Kunšič, Lo Milo, Iza Pavlina, Tereza Prepadnik, Lucija Rosc, Žiga Roš, Helena Tahir, Jaka Vatovec, Tadej Vaukman

Curators: Anja Zver and Ajda Ana Kocutar

Graphic design of the exhibition: Matjaž Komel


Thursday 13 August 2020, DobraVaga (until 12/9/) 
ZINE VITRINE | Srcozlom: h e a r t b r e a k 

Srcozlom is a collective project by Instagram users who have had, have, or suspect they will have their heart broken. Through a combination of texts and photos, it attempts to encompass the feelings of sadness caused by love problems, rampant capitalism or the unavoidable climate apocalypse. 

Srcozlom was launched on 20 March 2019 as a comforting profile for a heartbroken friend. Soon it became clear that others need solace as well. Srcozlom became a support group for broken hearts, publishing the most heartbroken messages, as well as organising therapeutic sadmeets and therapeutic group alcoholisation sessions with music. 

Maja Bojanić

Thursday 23 July 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 29/08/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Maja Bojanić: From Home, With Love

Maja Bojanić appropriates the exhibition space by duplicating it with papier-mâché castings. During the casting process, the negatives of parts of the space or the empty space between objects become separate objects, subsequently added to the exhibition space and representing the material surplus of the space, despite formally being in line with it. In places, the imprints of the fragile material, which result from physical contact, are not separated from their place of creation, while elsewhere they start creating a difference and producing new forms. The objects again become the material, allowing the artist to recreate something that does not exist (anymore), a document of some other space, house. But due to the fragility of the material, the latter does not retain its shape, thereby remaining at an intermediary stage between raw material and something that could have symbolic value. The artificial ruins that transform the space act as a fragment of time, marking that which is not there (anymore). 

Maja Bojanić (1997) is a graduate student of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana. In her work, she explores the connection between what is forgotten in a space and its domestication. She has held solo exhibitions at the Layer House (Kranj, 2018) and Mergentaler Street Gallery (Kranj, 2017). She has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, including at deSlegteTV (Groningen, 2020), Alkatraz Gallery (Ljubljana, 2019), Simulaker Gallery (Novo Mesto, 2019) and Equrna Gallery (Ljubljana, 2018). She has also participated in the Lighting Guerrilla festival and attended several workshops. She received UL ALUO awards for the 2016/2017 and 2018/2019 study years. In the 2019/2020 study year, she went on exchange to Academie Minerva in Groningen. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Thursday 16 July 2020, 19.00 DobraVaga (until 12/8/) 
ZINE VITRINE | Eva Bevec: Madeleines and Linden Tea

We harbour a very emotional relationship towards certain food and dishes, nostalgically perceiving them individually, and remembering them with an aftertaste. And in some cases, the emotional response to a dish can also be a collective construct of society. Author Eva Bevec has collected a selection of these dishes in a zine in the form of a cookbook, in which readers can taste a piece of their past. Alongside the zine, the artist will reveal her love of typography, cooking, and various everyday banalities, in the Madeleines and Linden Tea exhibition.

Eva Bevec (1998, Ljubljana) is a junior student of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She has participated in several group exhibitions (National University Library, Layer House, Božidar, appointMENT…), but Madeleines and Linden Tea is her first solo outing.

Wednesday 10 June 2020, DobraVaga (until 18/7/) 
ARTIST PER MONTH | Črt Mate: Kunšt

In his personal work, designer Črt Mate uses the visual communication approaches he utilizes in a professional context to transmit another’s message as “art for art’s sake” means, or as playful instruments for conveying his own essence or emotional subtext. The result is an artistic and semantic game, often humorous, occasionally abstract, occasionally figural, at times clear, at other times more hermetic. Sometimes digital, sometimes analog. The concept is of secondary importance, the focus is on aesthetic messaging as an end in itself.

Črt Mate was born in Ljubljana, his hometown is Ribnica na Dolenjskem. He graduated in Visual Communications from the Department of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he is currently also enrolled in an MA programme. He has participated in several group exhibitions, and received the Award for Slovenian Excellence in Typeface Design at the 9th Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design. He lives and works in Ljubljana.

Wednesday 10 June 2020, DobraVaga (until 15/7/) 
ZINE VITRINE | Bor Cvetko and Lea Topolovec: Tangerines

While enjoying tangerines together last winter, Lea and Bor had an idea. They used the tangerines they managed to peel in a single motion as the central theme of their zine. They were drawn to the variety and changeability of the forming shapes, with some even getting their own name. They wanted to instil this playfulness in the zine as well, which is why one can cut it up at the right moment and play a memory game.

Bor Cvetko (1998) and Lea Topolovec (1994) both trained karate and athletics in primary school. Now they are both students of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. In addition to photography, they’re interested in other visual art fields, which they incorporate in their work. Lea recently completed a study exchange in Bratislava, and lives and works in Ljubljana. Bor spent a lot of time recently in nature, where he found a fresh source of inspiration. In the past, both have participated in several group exhibitions, but this is their first solo exhibition.

Monday 2 March 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga 
FRESH FISH | Drawing
group commercial exhibition

In the new edition of the FRESH FISH commercial exhibition, we are focusing on drawings and their role in various media. The featured artists include drawings in their work in innovative ways, where the drawing does not serve as the starting point for a piece of art, but is rather placed at the forefront and therefore acts as an independent medium that passes into paintings, prints, collages and zines. The artists work in the fields of illustration, graphic design, painting, photography, and video, which leads to the heterogeneity of the artistic expressions on display. By intertwining approaches, techniques, and media, the exhibition questions the limits and the multilayered role of drawings in contemporary artistic production, while simultaneously offering a fresh overview of the work of local artists of the young and middle generation.

Participating artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Ivana Bajec, Nina Čelhar, Marko K. Gavez, Mina Fina, Anja Jelovšek, Ajda Kadunc, Ema Kobal, Simon Kocjančič, Dalea Kovačec, Tina Konec, Nastja Mezek, Iza Pavlina, Sangara Perhaj, Nez Pez, Mia Paller, Miha Perne, Tereza Prepadnik, Maruša Račič, Nika Rupnik, Helena Tahir, Luka Uršič – KALU, Vita Eva Weisseisen in Leon Zuodar

Thursday 12 March 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 02/06/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Tjaša Cizej: Hide Yourselves

One of the most prominent representatives of the youngest generation of graphic designers likes to combine illustration, typography and playing around with textiles in her work. Her protagonists are shy fellows who try to hide from everything that surrounds them in this imaginary world – bold shapes in vibrant colours, unexpected compositions and typographic interventions.

Tjaša Cizej (1998) is a sophomore of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She spends most of her time designing posters and illustrating various characters and figures. In 2018, she was one of the finalists of the SoYoung Magazine illustration competition, later getting the opportunity to illustrate an article for one of their issues. This year, her poster was selected for the new issue of Type Directors Club Tokyo Vol. 31’. She also participates in various group publications and exhibitions, and is a member of the young artistic collective Podmladek.

Monday 17 February 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 14/03/)
ZINE VITRINE | Rebeka Lukošus: Slowly

Rebeka Lukošus is presenting a comic book zine. At first glance, the illustrations appear cheery and exuberant with their vivid colours, though the story they are telling is actually short and subdued. The movements are minimal, the actions are tiny, the entire sequence of events unfolds slowly. Barely anything, almost nothing happens in the comic book sequences. That is exactly what interests the artists and what she likes to sign her name under.

Rebeka Lukošus (1995) was born in Latvia, where she also graduated in Visual Arts. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Italy, England, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal, as well as held two solo exhibitions in Latvia and Portugal. She has provided illustrations to numerous literary and children’s magazines and prose.

Thursday 6 February 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 4/03/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Sangara Perhaj: Ladies and Gentlemen

The young multimedia artist will populate the exhibition area with various creatures, sitting in the corners, hanging from the ceiling or peeking from behind framed panes. The figures from cloth and other materials, in which the artist combines her loves of drawing and textile engineering, at first glance appear to be adorable children’s toys, but with one difference: their faces are stretched into characteristically gloomy grimaces.

Sangara Perhaj (1998) is studying Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She works in illustration and animation, and has recently become interested in stitching the ladies and gentlemen. So far, she has participated in a group and solo exhibition at Hostel Tresor, as well as an exhibition with the Podmladek collective at the Škuc Gallery. She also debuted her first animation at the most recent Animateka festival. She hopes you will like the exhibition.

Thursday 27 February 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 07/03/)
POP-UP | Tibor Rep
food zine presentation

At the pop-up event, skateboarder Tibor Rep from Postojna will present the second issue of his REPeat FUDZIN. The author has complemented the 28 pages of meat-free, healthy recipes with his illustrations, which can also serve as colouring pictures. At the occasion, he will display his selection of original recipe drawings. The zine’s design is the work of BUCHE Design.

Thursday 30 January 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 29/02/)
commercial exhibition of music art posters

At the end of January, the fourth edition of the APPOINTMENT project will take place ahead of the MENT Ljubljana festival, again connecting the European music scene with fresh artistic production. The result will be a series of unique, limited edition music art posters, created by musically inspired artists in various creative fields. The current edition returns to the classic larger poster format, continuing the exploration of local and European artistic scenes.

Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 15/02/)
ZINE VITRINE │ Peter Ferlan: Real Problems

“I don’t want to put you in an awkward spot. Everyone has their own problems. But sooner or later, we have to face the real music – not just our own bawling in the shower. Sometimes, all we need is a good kick, or constant kicking in the ass. The problems of man versus the problems of mankind. Who wins?”

Peter Ferlan (1990) is finishing his postgraduate studies of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. He works in the field of illustration, animation and graphic design. He is focused on the eternal question: how to show bizarre, difficult and surprising things through humour? He does not seek inspiration; rather, inspiration finds him.

Wednesday 8 January 2020 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 04/02/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │Ema Kobal: Lost Glove

For her first solo exhibition, Ema Kobal is presenting a 15-metre graphic that nonetheless entails just one moment. In order to catch this moment in its entirety, the viewer has to walk through the story taking place in frozen time. The sharp and childishly naive black-and-white figures playfully slide and intertwine across the icy floor, with the author herself playing with the randomness of impressions and strokes during the artistic process.

Ema Kobal (1997) enrolled at the music academy in Salzburg after finishing secondary school, studying the cello. Currently, she is studying Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She regularly collaborates with pianist Bowrain, performs with the musical and theatre ensemble Karavana, and occasionally writes music for theatre productions. She is a member of the Podmladek collective, which holds group exhibitions. In her art, she expresses herself through various media, recently being interested mostly in experimenting with graphic techniques.

Monday 25 November 2019 at 9 am, DobraVaga (Until 28/01/)
SVEŽE RIBE #newcatch
commercial exhibition

Towards the end of November, the fourth edition of the SVEŽE RIBE (Fresh Fish) commercial exhibition, titled #newcatch, will again swim into the main exhibition space of the DobraVaga Gallery. We have curated a new selection of works by artists who have been present at the DobraVaga Gallery for some time now, as well as those who will be featured for the first time. The primarily local artists will display their latest work, as well as pieces that have not found their way out of the studio until now.

Thursday 16 January 2020 at 6 pm, DobraVaga 
POP-UP │Nez Pez
artworks sale

The first pop-up event of the year is organised in cooperation with Nez Pez, who is moving from her studio at Kersnikova Street, where a plentiful amount of graphic prints, original drawings and paintings was created. For just one evening, this varied selection of works will be available at the DobraVaga Gallery at a reduced price, with discounts also on her graphic prints that are part of DobraVaga’s regular commercial programme. You’re welcome to browse, buy, and hang with the artist, who will leave Ljubljana for some time soon after.

Neža Jurman (1985), who works under the artistic moniker Nez Pez, graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana, where she received the University of Ljubljana Prešeren Award and the ALUO Special Artistic Achievement Award. Her opus is accompanied by recurring motifs that travel through various media – graphic prints, drawings, paintings, audiovisual works, and sculptures. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, festivals and residencies in Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Monday 9 December 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 13/01/)
ZINE VITRINE │ Matic Flajs: White, Pink, Blue, White

Matic Flajs is presenting a collection of four zines (Ko Vans jebe, Pink Demon, Nedokončančkoti and Church). The young illustrator creates fantasy worlds and characters with his recognisable drawings, which introduce elements of comic books. He is interested in different types of stylisation, utilising them to skillfully complete his illustrations. His depictions instil affection, though he prefers those that are condemned to hatred. His work is heavily influenced by skateboarding and punk culture, which is also noticeable in his affinity for the aesthetics of the ugly. 

Matic Flajs (1994) lives in Ljubljana, where he graduated in Graphic Design at the Secondary School of Design and Photography. He later enrolled at the Faculty of Design, where he is concluding his education. He works as a freelance designer in skateboarding and BMX culture, and is part of the collective behind Hinterland Magazine. He regularly collaborates with companies such as Obsešn, Flow Ramps, Relax Crew Skate Co., Ziggi, Evolution BMX and others.

Monday 2 December 2019 from 12 am, Kamera Gallery, Kino Šiška (Until 08/01/)

In December, the DobraVaga Gallery with move into Kino Šiška with its collection, part of its annual commercial programme! The Kamera Gallery will be taken over primarily by drawings, paintings and graphic prints on paper, canvas or more modern media, through which the DobraVaga in Šiška exhibition will present the works of artists whose relations between the visual elements in the artwork testify to the life situations of the individual in the time that befits us.

Monday 2 December 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 08/01/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │ Annie Charland Thibodeau: The Weight of Enchantment

Through sculpture and installation, Annie Charland Thibodeau constructs vast spaces of contemplation, where altered forms coexist and enter into dialogue with the architecture of the exhibition venues. The artist will present platforms designed specifically to resonate with the built environment’s mosaic stone flooring, subverting it to summon forth new architectural-like elements in our panoramic imagination. 

Annie Charland Thibodeau lives and works in Quebec City, where she studied sculpture. Her work has been presented at various events and solo exhibitions in Quebec, notably at the Centre Bang (Chicoutimi), the Centre Regart (Lévis), AXENÉO7 (Gatineau), and the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts. She has also participated in residency programs in Ireland (2015), Italy (2016) and at the Hafnarborg Museum in Iceland (2018). In November 2019, she started her one-month residency at the Open Studio in the DobraVaga Gallery.

Monday 16 December 2019 at 7 pm, Improper Walls, Vienna (Until 23/12/)
OFF THE HOOK │ Another Time and Place

OFF THE HOOK is an annual exhibition project by the DobraVaga Gallery in Ljubljana, bringing together local up-and-coming artists. Following exhibitions in Berlin and Budapest, we are presenting the third edition of the project in Vienna: Another Time and Space

The exhibition is characterised by the return of the authors to the most basic perception of their environment, the awareness of the processes of remembering, and the search for those points in which perception and memory create new, virtual spaces. These offer the possibility for pausing and the idiosyncratic appropriation of a space and time that seems foreign to many. 

Dalea Kovačec, Janja Kosi, Manuel Fabris, Monika Slemc, Neža Perovšek and Romana Pehar focus on their environment with a strong awareness of the fleeting nature of human perception and the fickleness of our memory, and with a pronounced ear for the peripheries that, as a rule, escape perception and reflection.  

Organised by: Kino Šiška, DobraVaga, Improper Walls, Slovenian Culture and Information Centre SKICA

Thursday 12 December 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 14/12/)
POP-UP│ Nejc Prah
poster sale

From 12 to 14 December, a selection of different posters designed by graphic designer Nejc Prah in 2014 and 2015 during his studies at Yale University will be available for viewing and purchase. After the New York sale of posters, which include riso printing, screen printing and offset printing, it is time for the Ljubljana edition, where you will also have the opportunity to exchange a few words with the designer. 

Nejc Prah (1989) is a graphic designer. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, he received an M.A. from the Graphic Design Department at Yale University in the USA. He then spent a few more years working in New York, and now he lives in Ljubljana, setting up his own design studio. He is a member of Ansambel. 

Wednesday 6 November 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 4/12/)
ZINE VITRINE │ Neža Perovšek: Unnamed Interiors

The Unnamed Interiors zine is a collection of the author’s captured everyday moments. The scenes are discovered randomly, often in moments of boredom or the mind wandering. The depicted sections of time serve as a visual diary. They are simply memories, recorded through artistic interpretation. The zine focuses on darkened, indistinct images. It shows interiors into which external light flows and frames the spatial details.

Neža Perovšek (1996) graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2019 and then enrolled in an M.A. programme at the same faculty. In addition to painting, she works with graphic prints and occasionally photography. She draws inspiration from both the natural and the urban environment, with her work most often referring to maps and various elements of cartography. 


Monday 2 December 2019 at 6 pm, DobraVaga (Until 07/12/)
exhibition and presentation

In the beginning of October, the ACTART International Youth Exchange took place in Zagreb, with 19 young artists and activists from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia participating. In just one week, they created a number of engaged art pieces (poems, drawings, zines, posters, video, embroidery and a dance performance) that critically address nationalism, the objectification of women, and sexism, while at the same time using humour and visionary drive to shape proposals for a better tomorrow – especially for women, trans people, and sexual minorities. 

At the exhibition, the Slovenian participants – Nika Cimperšek Bukinac, Lea Culetto, Petra Korent, Veronika Razpotnik and Nurlama Vidrih – will present a selection of the pieces created during the exchange, including the zine Lapač, the poster series Yugosluts, and a short documentary video about the exchange, which they will also speak about in person. 

Thursday 14 November 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 29/11/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │ Klara Kracina: 5 Rats

In her second solo exhibition, young artist Klara Kracina is presenting a series of pieces in which she combines erotica and the grotesque. In doing so, she draws on books and magazines that instruct women how to act and look in order to please others. The artist includes clippings from this literature in her work, collaging them and bestowing new contexts upon them, thus depicting them in a critical and humorous manner.

Klara Kracina is enrolled in the graduate study program of Painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is interested in graphic prints, painting, video, collaging and drawing – techniques that she often combines in her work. She has participated in several group exhibitions, including at Tresor, with the Blagor collective at Švicarija, and with the Podmladek collective at Mini Teater and Škuc. She has participated in the Lesbian Quarter and Lighting Guerilla festivals, and has also held a solo exhibition at Tresor.

Thursday 10 October 2019 at 8:30 pm, DobraVaga (Until 22/11/)
group commercial exhibition

The Tinta comics festival is hosting a group exhibition titled Sequences, dedicated to the exploration of visual narration. Through the collaboration of the DobraVaga Gallery, the Independent Biennial and the Stripburger magazine, seven selected artists who work at the intersection of comics, illustration and prints will present their current artistic production. Specially for this exhibition, they created triptychs or a series of three narratively linked artistic prints. Their artistic tales in screen printing and risography, which enable various printing experiments, will be available in a limited edition.

The artists: Mina Fina, Igor Hofbauer (HR), Dunja Janković (HR), David Krančan, Nez Pez, Zoran Pungerčar, Leon Zuodar 

Thursday 10 October 2019 at 8:30 pm, DobraVaga (Until 12/11/)
TINTA X ARTIST PER MONTH │ Chen Zhang: Peephole

In her work, Chen Zhang explores the narrative potential of silent comics, where the reader/viewer receives all the necessary information from the drawing itself. She places minor occurrences and everyday impressions at the forefront of simple, sketched stories, embellished through humour and playful imagination. When we’re peeking through a peephole, we’re interested in what’s on the other side, perhaps we’re a little nervous and curious – as though we were reading the comic through a peephole. That’s why the artist will present her work with the help of a “retro” stereoscope that conjures up the illusion of movement from a sequence of static images in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Chen Zhang (1990) graduated in illustration and animation at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen in the Netherlands, and has focused primarily on exploring the comics medium over the past two years. She works in various formats, always seeking new ways of expression and testing different as well as unconventional print surfaces. With her exhibition as part of the Tinta comics festival, she is concluding her work at the DobraVaga Gallery Open Studio, where she resided from August to October 2019.

Thursday 10 October 2019 at 8:30 pm, DobraVaga (Until 4/11/)
TINTA X ZINE VITRINE │ Daria Tommasi: Seasons

In her newly published zine
Seasons, Italian visual artist Daria Tommasi addresses the issue of the constant changing of the world that plants, animals and all living beings are subjected to. Each transformation is a catalyst that triggers a chain reaction that involves new players each time. Just like one season of the year follows another, each short episode of the author’s visual story refers to the next one, with the process sometimes returning to the starting point.

Daria Tommasi is an illustrator and visual artist from Trieste. She graduated in graphic design in Venice and familiarised herself with self-publishing, which became her favourite medium for her work. In 2018, she participated in the ZINE VITRINE open call and was invited to hold a solo exhibition within the ZINE VITRINE section at the DobraVaga Gallery. In 2019, she illustrated the biography of writer Mary Shelley for Italian publisher Franco Cosimo Panini. In addition to graphic design, she also works with ceramics, screen printing and stop-motion animation. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. 

Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 8/10/)
ZINE VITRINE │ Marko Šajn: Wide Awake

Marko Šajn is presenting his new zine Wide Awake, a collection of simplified drawing studies that are the byproduct of his painting. The focus is on body parts, which he attempts to depict with as few strokes as possible while still retaining the basic form and the feeling of movement. He bases his work on memory and imagination, without using models or imitating photographs. The drawings are finished when the depicted movement seems realistic. The author views drawing as the most authentic form of artistic expression and keeps trying to simplify it through the work process. The newly published zine is also prepared in this manner, with its simple execution directing all attention to the author’s pencil strokes. 

Marko Šajn (1990) is a graphic designer and painter from Pivka. In 2011, he enrolled in Painting and Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. As of 2016, he has been working with Slovenian and foreign clients as a freelance graphic designer. He is active at the Pivka House of Culture and the Riso Paradiso risography collective. In his work, which is deeply rooted in drawing and printmaking, he focuses on simple figuralics. He draws inspiration from band lyrics and from unusual everyday situations.

Wednesday 11 September 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 9/10/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │ Jaka Juhant: Look at Me

With his second solo exhibition, artist Jaka Juhant explores the topics of identity and performing, which he expresses through various media. He places his own image in the foreground, displaying it in various situations and clothes. The title of the exhibition refers to an imaginary situation where someone loudly proclaims, “Look at me!” and does a split jump, which surprises and shocks those present. Unfortunately, the author cannot do a split, so he hopes to surprise and shock with a good exhibition.

Jaka Juhant (1997) studies Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In 2019, he held a solo exhibition as part of the DobraVaga Gallery ZINE VITRINE programme, where he featured his zines TENKS and Ups, whatever. So far, he has participated in severel group exhibitions by young artists, including the Podmladek collective. In his work, he utilises various media, placing himself and his own experiences in the foreground.

Friday 7 June 2019 at 12 pm, DobraVaga (Until 29/9/)
The 33rd Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts: Crack Up – Crack Down

This year’s, already the 33rd, edition of the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, Crack Up – Crack Down, is curated by the internationally acclaimed art collective Slavs and Tatars, with the central theme of satire and humour. The Biennial explores the ways in which graphic language stimulates the emergence of satire as an extremely resilient and topical form of criticism through the use of irony and ridicule. The exhibition takes place at nine venues across Ljubljana, including the DobraVaga Gallery, and presents 35 artists.

Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 13/7/ -> EXTENDED UNTIL 31/8/)
ZINE VITRINE│ Simon Kocjančič: What I Do Is a Secret

Painter and visual artist Simon Kocjančič will be presenting his newly-published black-and-white photozine. The zine is a collection of analogue photos taken over the past ten years during his work as a house painter. The snapshots feature various objects or interiors of the homes and spaces where he worked.

Simon Kocjančič (1979) graduated in 2007 at the College of Visual Art in Ljubljana. His work was first exhibited in 2006. He is active in the fields of painting, drawing, graphic art, photography and art zines. In 2017, he participated in the OFF THE HOOK group exhibition at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin in collaboration with the DobraVaga Gallery. The same year, he participated in the Zines! Contemporary Zine Production group exhibition at the International Center of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana.

5 June 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 13/7/ -> EXTENDED UNTIL 5/8/)

Ten. The number of perfection. For its 10th print issue, the freštreš collective is preparing a Book. This Book is precious; an unheard of prize for unheard of happiness. That’s why we’re inviting all freštreš fans to visit the DobraVaga Gallery, receive a lottery ticket and hope to win the main and only prize: the only copy of the freštreš 10 Book, which is worth 10,000 € and solves all of mankind’s problems.

Freštreš is an independent Slovenian art collective that brings together promising young artists in the fields of graphic design, illustration, photography, literature, installation and performance art, as well as other artistic fields. Since 2013, the collective has been publishing a self-titled art magazine and organizing exhibitions that usually accompany the publication of new magazine issues, but also act as independent art events. Up to 2019, the collective has published nine individual magazine issues and held six independent exhibitions, including at GT22 in Maribor and Kino Šiška in Ljubljana. In 2014, the collective was presented at the DanD festival in Zagreb, and in 2017 it was featured during in the group retrospective Zines! at the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC) in Ljubljana. The second issue of freštreš magazine (titled Ego) was included in the selection of the 2013 Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design.

Wednesday 8 May 2019 at 5 pm, Street Gallery at Vegova (Until 3/6/)
Jelena Bando: Fate
DobraVaga Gallery 3rd anniversary exhibition

In her work, visual artist Jelena Bando explores man’s relationship with nature in different ways, focusing on current environmental issues. In the piece Fate, which she will present at the Street Gallery, she uses nature as a metaphor for exploring the existential themes of life, death and impermanence. She thus views fate symbolically as a sandstorm that follows one’s life and changes it.

Jelena Bando is an academically trained painter who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2012. She has attended study visits and residencies in Germany (Wurzburg, Berlin), France (Paris) and Croatia (Kuberton). She has held 17 solo exhibitions in Croatia, Germany, Sweden, and France, and participated in around 30 group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She has won two awards for drawing and graphic arts (SKC Gallery, Belgrade; 15th Biennial of Drawing, Belgrade). In 2013, she started the project 36 Mountains, which has grown into a renowned festival of illustration and drawing.

The DobraVaga Gallery 3rd anniversary programme continues at 7 PM with the opening of the visiting exhibition of the 36 Mountains international festival of illustration at the DobraVaga Gallery.

Wednesday 8 May 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 1/6/)
DobraVaga Gallery 3rd anniversary exhibition

36 Mountains is an international festival of illustration that takes place in Zagreb each year. Its main aim is to bring contemporary illustration and drawings closer to a broader audience, present quality Croatian and international art production, and recognise and highlight promising young artists. As part of the anniversary celebration of the DobraVaga Gallery, they will prepare an exhibition of original graphics by artists that have been featured by the festival.

Wednesday 8 May 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 1/6/)
ZINE VITRINE│ Nevena Aleksovski: Slippery Slope

In her newly published zine titled Slippery Slope, the artist presents a selection of fresh drawings and digital collages, made at winter’s turn to spring 2019. The spontaneous, playful visual notes constantly oscillate somewhere between abstract expression and figuration, with the artist addressing various intermediate states and contradictions through them. The zine thus brings together concrete and woods, latex and stone, nudity and hiding, anxiety and carefree playfulness, spring optimism and bad news.

Nevena Aleksovski (1984) graduated from Painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and got her M.A. in Cultural Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She is active in the fields of drawing, painting, illustration and art zines. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. In 2016, her art zine received first prize at the ZINE VITRINE dvatwozwei competition. She lives and works in Ljubljana, and her work will also be featured as part of the 36 MOUNTAINS exhibition in May.

Friday 3 May 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga (Until 1/6/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │ Mia Paller: Trace

Trace is a photobook containing traces and features that bring to mind details from paintings and drawings – brushstrokes, paint splotches etc. The young artist explored such fragments through photography in the public space, where these shapes go unnoticed, as they are traces of the wear and ravages of time. By including their photographs in the book, the traces become important and we begin to ascribe them meaning through association. The photobook is also part sketchbook – the blank pages invite readers to intervene in the book.

Mia Paller (1995) graduated from Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She attended a three-month Erasmus+ exchange in the 2017/18 study year at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, Netherlands, where she also finished her diploma thesis. In September 2018, she enrolled in the two-year Media Design: Lens Based M.A. programme at the Piet Zwart Institute. She is especially interested in painting, photography and animation. Her short animated films Laundry and …Smell the coffee have been featured at numerous festivals, including Animateka (Ljubljana 2016 and 2018) and the 2nd Slovenian Animated Film Revue (Celje 2018). She has participated in group exhibition at the Layer House (Kranj 2018), Equrna Gallery (Ljubljana 2018) and elsewhere, as well as held solo exhibitions at the Youth Centre Gallery (Ajdovščina 2018) and the Night Window Display Gallery Pešak (Ljubljana 2018). She currently lives and studies in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She resided at the DobraVaga Gallery Open Studio from July to August 2018.

Wednesday 10 April 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 6/5/)
ZINE VITRINE│Asiana Jurca Avci: ?

With the exhibition of her new zine, photographer Asiana Jurca Avci focuses on the reasonableness for realising an artistic idea. During a time of creative-existential crisis and rebellion against hyperproduction in art, she started looking at her work in a different way: she thought too much about creative work as the production of a certain product, which she must sell and package as an end product, and she felt her creativity got lost along the way. Challenged by a new project, she was faced with a bunch of potential ideas, but not quite satisfied with any of them. They would mostly require too much time, organisation or money, and she also doubted their relevance and execution to the point where they began to seem senseless. In this banal creative block, she decided to collaborate with 17 artists. Each of them received a message with the invitation to visualise one of the ideas and certain technical specifications. In this way, the artist shifted the attention from her own production to collaboration.

Asiana Jurca Avci (1992) graduated in Visual Communication (Photography) from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in September 2015. She is currently studying for an M.A. in Photography at the same institution. Her original series, presented primarily in the form of photo zines and photobooks, are characterised by autobiographical confessional poetics and a sense for the narrative, originating in her strong interest in film. Her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions in Ljubljana, Croatia and Slovakia.

Monday 25 February 2019, DobraVaga, (Until 4/5/)
SVEŽE RIBE #current
commercial exhibition of current artistic production

After closing appointMENT #3, this year’s music poster exhibition, we are opening a new edition of our group commercial exhibition SVEŽE RIBE (Fresh Fish). The exhibition, this time tagged #current, offers a new overview of the very recent production by young local artists. We have refreshed our collection of drawings, prints and works on canvas. The collection is characterised by artistic expressions that catch the eye with their humour, poetry, critical views and ever-evolving features.

Wednesday 17 April 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 4/5/)
Tibor Rep: SigNATURE Dishes
cooking zine presentation

Tibor Rep loves to cook. He has been featured at numerous events and festivals under his REPeat brand. He’ll present the Slovenian edition of his meat free recipe cookbook REPeat FUDZIN, self-published at the end of 2018. The booklet contains 36 illustrated meat free recipes. The illustrations are Rep’s original work, and the cookbook, which also functions as a children’s colouring book, was designed by Buche design.

Wednesday 4 April 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 2/5/)
ARTIST PER MONTH│Lene Lekše: Sokolovo oko/Under the Eagle’s Gaze

In her project, the young multimedia artist discusses intimacy and control, exploring the utopian desire of finding the natural and the coincidental in virtual space. She will present the making of the film Sokolovo oko/Under the Eagle’s Gaze, created with the help of webcams. Through live editing, the film displayed clips of animals to viewers in real-time in the classic documentary manner.

Lene Lekše (1995) graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana in 2018, then enrolled in an M.A. programme there. She attended a study exchange programme at the Minerva Academy in Groningen, The Netherlands, for a year. She is the recipient of two ALUO Awards and the City of Ljubljana scholarship. As of 2018, she organizes student exhibitions around Slovenia within the framework of the Galerija 7:069 project. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, as well as the Stories from the Island solo exhibition at the Mahlerca Gallery in Kranj.

Wednesday 13 March 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 8/4/)
ZINE VITRINE│Jaka Juhant: Whoa, Party!

In his work, young visual artist Jaka
Juhant focuses on the issues and pains related to physicality and sexuality, which cause him the most trouble. He approaches the topic in a humorous way, through remarkable collages and absurd drawings, as well as with papier-mâché objects. He places his body in the foreground, and the search for self-fulfilment in the contemporary world runs through all his work.

Jaka Juhant (1997) studies Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In 2018, he participated in the ZINE VITRINE open call for zines with his zine TENKS (2018). So far, he has participated in two group exhibitions by young artists. He is exploring various media, currently primarily collages and vases.

Wednesday 6 March 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 2/4/)
ARTIST PER MONTH│Romana Pehar: Perimenotopia

In her latest project, the student of painting explores the areas that serve as points of transition, where the dynamism is reflected in the participant or subject. Perimenotopias are locations such as bus stations, where we stay shorter periods of time and which serve as a transition from one point to another. The possibilities for movement of the human body there are limited – the movement occurs around it. In these areas we wait for someone or something to take us to the desired place.

Romana Pehar (1992) is a second-year M.A. student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She graduated in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro. She has also studied at Humboldt State University in the USA and at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. She has held two solo exhibitions and participated in several group ones. She is active in painting, drawing and digital media. In her work, she explores spatial paradigms and the possibilities for the visual redefinition of the environment.

Wednesday 13 February 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 11/3/)
ZINE VITRINE│Evgen Čopi Gorišek: Thick Juice With Cream
zine exhibition

Sweet, thick and creamy. As a source of energy and inspiration for the created drawings. Rough and swift marker, pencil and crayon strokes, accompanied by jazz music. Standalone stories without any particular meaning, containing humour, imagination and all the daily minutia that left its mark on the author over the past months. Human figures, everyday objects, animals, cars, ships and airplanes. Our everyday chaos with a glass of thick juice with cream.

Evgen Čopi Gorišek (1994) studies Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He currently lives and works in Ljubljana. In addition to sculpture, he focuses mainly on painting, drawing and urban art. He has held exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. The Thick Juice with Cream exhibition concludes his work at the DobraVaga Open Studio, where he resided from December 2018 to February 2019.

Wednesday 6 February 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga Gallery (Until 5/3/)
ARTIST PER MONTH│Veronika Hozjan: Happiness Living in Disaster

In her work, the young painter seeks sensible yet simple solutions that are still narrative enough that they can’t be encompassed in pure abstraction. The artwork is thus very connected to its title. It refers to itself, the shapes it contains play with each other and grow and stand completely alone; they do not address the viewer – the viewer is the one who must submit to their influence. Through her art, the author filters her everyday life, but does not want to be literal and point her finger at people, problems and events. Rather, she always tinkers with her own episodes, metaphors and daydreams.

Veronika Hozjan (1994) is a second-year M. A. student of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO). In the 2014/2015 study year, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, as part of the Erasmus+ exchange programme, graduating in Painting at ALUO in September 2015. In her work, she is interested in topics such as the body, the borders between real and virtual spaces, and the cognitive perception of the observed. She explores them through painting, installation art and animation. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions: Illuminare at the Media Nox Gallery in Maribor (2016), UL ALUO Students’ Exhibition at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana (2017), Community Kit at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana (2017), Abstrakcija je na koncu tvoje cone udobja at ALUO and the Equrna Gallery in Ljubljana (2018), Fin-de-siècle #II, Layer House, Kranj (2018), AIR4 [100 artists] [100 artworks], Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (2018). She also participated in the 14th Animateka International Animated Film Festival in Ljubljana (2017) and held two solo exhibitions: Medoba at the Tir Gallery in Nova Gorica (2016) and Duuuh at C.M.A.K. in Cerkno (2017).

Thursday 24 January 2019, DobraVaga, (Until 22/2/)
appointMENT #3
commercial exhibition of music art prints

The first month of the new year is bringing the no less than third edition of the appointMENT commercial exhibition of music art prints, which pairs up Slovenian and international musicians and visual artists within the framework of the MENT Ljubljana festival. This year’s edition is again introducing something new to the project. The prints are now square in shape, sized 31.43 x 31.43 cm, thus representing a reference to LP albums for the music poster as a medium, as well as challenging and questioning the poster format itself. The authors of the posters are young artists from various artistic backgrounds – from painting, drawing, illustration and photography to graphic design, 3D modelling and graffiti art. The selection of participants has also been expanded, with the majority of Slovenian artists joined by the young contemporary European artistic production, with 71 collaborators in total. At the same time, the diversity of the final music art print products indicates the variety of the musical lineup of this year’s MENT Ljubljana festival.

Wednesday 16 January 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 11/2/)
ZINE VITRINEAlin Kostiov: Se zgodi/Imagine there is something here
zine exhibition

Visual artist Alin Kostiov explores the possibilities of a carefree, unburdened, intuitive drawing, often the result of internal monologues and diary entries. In her zines, she seeks the coincidences of new or unfortunate shadows, textures, smudges caused by a photocopier, thus rounding off her original drawings into a new visual and narrative whole through reproduction.

Alin Kostiov (1993) is a student at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, where she was born, lives and works. She is active in illustration, graphic art and design. She has held several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group ones.

Wednesday 9 January 2019 at 7 pm, DobraVaga Gallery
ARTIST PER MONTH│Fedja Šičarov: 23, Rhythm Section

In his work, the student of Painting starts with his two primary interests – comics and illustration, borrowing their specifics, advancing them with newly obtained knowledge, and reshaping them into idiosyncratic compositions. He’s an avid fan of urban landscapes and city architecture, especially the geometric shapes of residential blocks that merge and fuse with the city bustle.

Fedja Šičarov (1995) enrolled in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana after graduating from the Ledina Grammar School. In primary school, he used to draw on desks, then in secondary school on walls, and now, at the academy, on canvases. He decided to study painting in order to avoid moulding himself merely in the fields of comics and illustration, where his interests mainly lie. At the academy he thus got to know new views on art, images and aesthetics, as well as the creative process itself, co-shaping his artistic practice. He lives and studies in Ljubljana.

Monday 3 December 2018, DobraVaga, (Until 21/1/)
group exhibition

The commercial exhibition of contemporary graphic arts aims to present the work of graphic artists of the younger and middle generations, collectives and the production initiatives in which they work. In addition to a broad array of independent visual artists, whose artistic expression also utilizes graphic arts techniques, we are presenting three production initiatives within which we can observe contemporary graphic arts.

In addition to the exhibition programme, the Pivka House of Culture encompasses a multi-annual programme, within which a graphic arts workshop is organised once per year in cooperation with various authors. They enrich the exhibition programme through the production of graphics made by the exhibiting artists within the Pivka House of Culture space. Riso Paradiso is a collective focusing on self-publishing and producing Risograph prints. R / EDITION is a series of innovative commercial exhibitions by both young and established graphic artists who actively co-shape the contemporary art scene at Ravnikar Gallery Space.

Wednesday 12 December 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 14/1/)
ZINE VITRINEPeter Ferlan: Path to Success
zine exhibition

“Is your life a failure? Is every day a Monday? Are the reins of your life out of your hands? Are your friends abandoning you because of bad breath? Does the memory of your first sexual intercourse cause your nose to bleed? Do you still make love in the dark? Did you fail to finish Tetris? Do you avoid going to the gym due to pathological back hair? Do you not have a licence to bear arms? Do you pay taxes? Are no craters on the moon named after you? Dandruff? Path to Success will show you the path to success.’’

Peter Ferlan (1990) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, enrolling in postgraduate studies of Illustration. His work is split between illustration and graphic design. He’s interested in zines and the linking of music with illustration, which was also the subject of his thesis. Since 2012, he has been a member and the illustration editor of the freštreš artistic collective, with which he puts on regular exhibitions across Slovenia and abroad. He’s also in charge of the visual image of the experimental rock band On. In 2016, he participated in his first group project, appointMENT, organised by Kino Šiška and no one else, no way, only Kino Šiška, we organise everything. His first solo exhibition was featured at the DobraVaga Gallery in 2017. Recently, he has been increasingly focusing on animation. His first animated short film Morning Routine received special mention from the Slovenian Animated Film Association.

Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 8/1/)
ARTIST PER MONTHMaruša Uhan: Cyclone Cynthia

The final artist to esxhibit her work as Artist per month in 2018 is Maruša Uhan who devoted her time at DobraVaga’s Open studio to developing the project Cyclone Cynthia. The event will begin with a dialogue, which will be an integral part of the opening. It represents collective help with continued exploration of the topic. The Cyclone Cynthia project began as a commentary on helplessness and its connection to the forecasts of hypothetical cyclones that provide people with a feeling of a controlled future. The banality of everyday life and contemporary anxiety replace fear with fascination and a desire for disaster, and thereby the attention the latter brings.

Maruša Uhan (1994) concluded her studies at the Secondary School of Photography and Design, then completed two years of studies in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana before changing schools and graduating from the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, The Netherlands. In 2018, she enrolled in the M.A. programme at the Department of Sculpture at ALUO. During her studies, her creative development took her from the flat medium to assemblage, performance and installation art, as well as virtual expression.

Saturday 8 December 2018 at 7 pm, ISBN books + gallery, Budimpešta
OFF THE HOOK│Crude: body, colour, realism
group exhibition

OFF THE HOOK is an international exhibition project that expands the mission of the DobraVaga Gallery outside of the local framework. By combining design-curious authors from various backgrounds, it attempts to establish a platform for getting to know and present Slovenian artistic production abroad. The current participants are characterised by their reflection on the shapes they draw from the visual language of contemporary everyday life.

The adjective crude is emphasised as the basis for understanding their individual creative process and artwork. Their work can be understood within three different frameworks and substantive emphases, in which the artists develop their own visual language and the affectivity of the finished pieces. The deviation from the generally established, both manipulative and decorated visual language of everyday life is evident in the sincere and raw brushstroke of painters Evgen Čopi Gorišek and Adrijan Praznik. In their work, Eva Juričan and Helena Tahir imitate the individual’s space and environment, depicting the distancing of contemporary visual language. Meanwhile, the LEALUDVIK art duo and visual artist and drawer Nevena Aleksovski question the deviation from modern society by implementing and discussing their own materiality – the body itself.

Participating artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Evgen Čopi Gorišek, Eva Juričan, LEALUDVIK, Adrijan Praznik, Helena Tahir

Wednesday 7 November 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 8/12/)
ZINE VITRINEMatej Počervina: Comrade Beheaded
zine exhibition

A skateboarder from Novo Mesto, Matej Počervina is presenting a zine of photographs and illustrations drawing on skateboarding culture. Adding collages of objects and figures to the photographs featuring headless skateboarders, he creates special tension and rhythm in the zine. In addition to the photograšhs, the zine includes non-skateboarding motifs and graphics by Croatian Vanja Đurić.

Matej Počervina (1987) developed a love of photography through skateboarding, later expanding his photographic motifs. His work has been featured in exhibitions at Rog in Ljubljana and at Sokolski dom and LokalPatriot in Novo Mesto. In addition to photography, he is active in music and video with both solo and collaborative projects.

Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 1/12/)
ARTIST PER MONTHNeža Perovšek: You Are Here

Neža Perovšek, a graduate student of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, will present her latest series of paintings Tukaj ste / You Are Here. In her work, she mostly refers to maps, composing her own reality out of their individual elements. In this way, she creates landscapes that intertwine various real geographic occurrences and fictitious environments.

Neža Perovšek (1996) finished the Fine Arts course at the Secondary School for Design and Photography art gymnasium. She is currently studying painting at ALUO under Prof. Bojan Gorenc. In addition to painting, she is active in the fields of graphics and photography. She draws inspiration from the environment, both natural and urban, which is why her work often features landscapes and sections of interiors.

Thursday 11 October 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 30/11/)
group exhibition

Independent German publisher Rotopol is presenting the international group exhibition Rotopol Mystery Show, with works by selected artists in the field of contemporary illustration and comics. Rotopol Mystery Show is an exhibition series that includes three group exhibitions: The Forester’s Collection, The Traveller’s Collection, and The Inventor’s Collection. For each exhibition, invited artists received small cardboard boxes that contained a collection of small objects as a source of inspiration. With the help of their imagination and associations, the artists connected the objects in an illustration. The exhibition presents the resulting illustrations along with photos of the respective boxes and allows the visitors to take a look at the creative processes behind the works.

Thursday 11 October 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 13/11/)
TINTA X ARTIST PER MONTH│Sanja Pocrnjić: Lazy Muses

Young comics artist and illustrator Sanja Pocrnjić is putting on a solo exhibition with the meaningful title of Lazy Muses. In the contemporary age of Instagram and Pinterest, muses have been left without anything to do. What to do now that their mission has expired and they have time for themselves and their own ambitions?

Sanja Pocrnjič (1990) graduated in Art Education in Maribor. She is most at home with drawings, where her motifs reside between science fiction and Slovenian mythology. She works with various media, with as many materials and techniques as possible, always seeking new ways to express herself. Her drawings have always included an element of visual storytelling, so it was only a matter of time before comics became an important part of her work. So far, she has published a few short comics in Stripburger, which also published her debut (mini) comic book Jezen, jezen škrat (2018). She has participated in group exhibitions at the Media Nox Gallery, Kibla Portal and GT22 in Maribor. In 2017, her solo exhibition Nedeljska južna was displayed at Pritličje. She lives and works in Ljubljana.

Thursday 11 October 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 5/11/)
TINTA X ZINE VITRINEIvana Armanini: She Must Be Mad
zine exhibition

Croatian comics artist and illustrator Ivana Armanini will present her newly published zine She Must Be Mad, an eclectic array that shifts between illustration and comics, a sort of diary of feelings, made during the summer months. In it, the artist records the journey of the waves, the sun and the moon, turbulence and implosions. The whole thus pulses with the rhythm of the summer, suitably complemented and enhanced by the colour red in combination with black and white.

Ivana Armanini got her M.A. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She is the author of four independent comic books and the founder and head of the Komikaze project, a network for the creation, promotion and distribution of original comics, linking the Croatian and international indie comics scenes for 16 years now. Within the framework of Komikaze, Armanini handles digital and print publishing, as well as holds comics workshops and exhibitions. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and festivals both at home and abroad, with her work also included in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. She lives and works in Ljubljana and Zagreb.

Tuesday 11 September 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 8/10/)
ZINE VITRINEMiha Perne: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
zine exhibition

Visual artist Miha Perne is presenting his newly released small format zine titled Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, an archival compendium of various materials, from original drawings, sketches and collages to photocopies of books and found catalogues, collected over a longer period of time and finding their place within the context of the zine. The zine includes various colour and black-and-white copying, silkscreen printing and risograph printing techniques. The artist printed it in collaboration with the DobraVaga Gallery, the Riso Paradiso collective and the Pivka House of Culture.

Thursday 6 September 2018 at 7 pm, DobraVaga, (Until 8/10/)
ARTIST PER MONTHMonika Slemc: Small Partition

The autumn season of monthly exhibitions will be opened by Monika Slemc, a young artist currently working towards an M.A. in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. In her work, she is interested primarily in the relationship between man and nature during an era of increasing technological advancement, thereby also questioning the position of painting as a medium in the time of contemporary technology. The emphasis lies on the creative process itself – through various procedures, she strives to establish a focused view, where the image doesn’t submit to the viewer, but rather constantly eludes him.

Wednesday 4 July, DobraVaga (until 8/10/)
group commercial exhibition

The group exhibition brings together artists whose motifs draw from the urban environment, from infrastructural elements and architecture to everyday urban events, people and animals.

They approach the topic in question humorously or even surreally and grotesquely, intertwining figuration and abstraction, image and text. They draw inspiration from comic books and cartoons, often also creating their own imaginary characters, who can be childishly sweet or monstrously disfigured. The impulsiveness of the artistic expression is evident in the spontaneity of the strokes and the intuitive combining, experimenting and layering of various techniques, such as acrylic paints, spray paints, markers, charcoal, collage, screen printing, photocopying and digital manipulation. The colours bear the role of a powerful medium of expression, which is why the palette is often intense, at times even loud and contrasting. The use of discarded material and objects found on the street, whether old frames and decorative art, furniture parts or various objects, all innovatively incorporated into the art piece, is also noticeable. Despite certain common features and starting points, however, each artist recreates the atmosphere of the city bustle and his or her own experience of the surroundings through an individual artistic expression and in his or her own way.

Tuesday 10 July at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 5/9/)
ZINE VITRINE │ Nina Urh: Balances
zine exhibition

With an exhibition of prints and a new zine, graphic designer and illustrator Nina Urh continues her artistic practice of building space through abstracted shapes and clean lines in print and book form. In the zine Balances (Ravnotežja), she explores and seeks the right balance required by the arrival of a new human being into the world and family. The entry of a new being into an established lifestyle brings many adjustments and new rhythms, which create previously unfamiliar balances.

Wednesday 4 July at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 4/9/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │ Petra Korent: Goodbye Slut

After finishing her Open Studio residency, the young artist we’ve previously met as part of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition will present a series of acrylic paintings on canvas. Changes in her love life led her to a different view on moments of intimacy, which is evident in her motifs. Direct and exhibitionist illustrations have changed into warmer, more intimate sketches of relationship life, though they still retain the author’s characteristic humorous style.

Friday 15 June at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 7/7/)
ZINE VITRINE │ Assemblage Atlas: Paragraphie
zine exhibition

Paragraphie is the outcome of a dialogue between three artists who, over several months, conceived and generated knowledge as an attempt to position the artistic practice in the current age or rather, to understand what the position of the artistic practice today is and can be. The zine works as an atlas of compiled knowledge that aims to emphasise issues regarding the artistic practice that have been and still are relevant. Paragraphie is to be shared and discussed for further circulation and continuation of the issues. The material used to make the zine is both original and found (Google searches, screenshots, scanned books, online interviews …).

Tuesday 5 June at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 3/7/)
ARTIST PER MONTH │ Dalea Kovačec: Altered Diaries

The young artist, currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Painting, is interested in the topic of memory and its alteration and unreliability. Altered Diaries is a still ongoing series of paintings and diary drawings, in which she expresses and reconstructs the images of memories. However, during the reconstruction, these memories change under the influence of society, environment or simply the passing of time.

Thursday 24 May at 8 pm, DobraVaga
DobraVaga 2nd anniversary exhibition

Vienna-based art collective SOYBOT describe themselves as a support group for UFO-tourism and RISO-printing. They occupy themselves with elementary topics such as wellness, bongs, tribals, health, exorcism, horses, poems, prophecies, Japan, implants and reptiles. 

Through colourful visual spheres and gradients, the WAIKIKI VENUS print-healing and design-therapy exhibition opens the body and the mind, accompanied by wellness background music, specially prepared by SOYBOT for Ljubljana. The event marks the 2nd anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery.

tuesday, 15th of May 2018, 7pm (until 14/6/)
ZINE VITRINE | Horrid Habits: Automartyr
zine exhibition

With the Automartyr exhibition, visual artist Horrid Habits presents his newly published zine of the same title, in which he continues to explore aesthetics and religious symbolism, as well as the related rituals that shift into abstract forms, this time through focusing on self-sacrifice.
In this context, he links self-sacrifice to the contemporary experience of obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety, which lead to attempts to control events, as well as to self-sacrificing, forced, pointless rituals that function as prevention.


Thursday 10 May at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 4/6/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Vedran Štimac – PoliteBastART: Room of Portraits

The illustrator and street artist from Pula, who has lived and worked in Ljubljana since last year, will present his portrait series Room of Portraits. The unusual and surreal treatment of the portrayed persons serves as a counterweight to the photographic precision of the illustrations created by the self-taught artist with a Rapidograph. He mostly portrays historic figures who inspired him strongly during a certain period of his life, subtly intertwining their images with a critique of the world and society we live in.

Friday 27 April at 7 pm, Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt, Kisüzem, Budapest (until 22 May 2018)
exhibition at Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt

Artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Simon Kocjančič, Zoran Pungerčar, Leon Zuodar

Copy art has a long and vivid history of artistic experimentation and playfulness in duplicating the visual, being closely linked with zine culture and DIY movements. But to sloppy copy in the contemporary culture of high-resolution photos at every step, and turning to old reproduction media, such as Xerox and the risograph, in the digital era, offers a new viewing experience. The joy of “mistakes” and the infatuation with mechanical mishaps, lines and details getting lost in the transmission, the different rhythm of rasters, the fullness of colour depth or the graphic contrast of black-and-white artwork, invite the spectator to observe closely while being affected by the feeling of materiality and traces of the entire artistic process. It represents faith in the forgotten, the minor, the imperfect, the yet-to-be-examined and re-invented.

The exhibition of zine artists from Slovenia as part of Ukmukfukk Zinefeszt 2018 is organized by the DobraVaga gallery and the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture from Ljubljana.


wednesday, 18th of April 2018, 7pm (until 12/5/)
ZINE VITRINE | Photobook and Photozine
group exhibition

The exhibition is an overview of the production of photobooks and photozines in Slovenia in the last five years. Its liveliness and variety indicate an understanding of the photobook and the photozine as a space of autonomous expression and statement by the author, the key bearer of the message being the photograph, one of the most widespread and popularised media today, though often the easiest to overlook due to its supposedly obvious directness.


thursday, 5th of April 2018, 7pm (until 2/5/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Maja Poljanc: Encyclopedia Mythologica Slovenica

In April, visual artist and illustrator Maja Poljanc will debut her master’s degree project Encyclopedia Mythologica Slovenica, the first illustrated encyclopaedia of Slovenian mythological creatures. The black-and-white illustrations, based purely on traditional storytelling and poetry, are characterised by patient precision, attention to detail, and a visual reference to old medical and mythological depictions – all with a plentiful helping of the author’s own imagination.

wednesday, 21st of March 2018, 7pm (until 16/4/)
ZINE VITRINE | Tisa Neža Herlec: Traces
zine exhibition

With the Traces exhibition, visual artist Tisa Neža Herlec presents two original zines and the idea and material context behind their creation. In the zine Élasticité, she collects lost hairbands as intimate objects found on the streets of Dijon. The second zine is a collection of her drawings, which she erases upon creation, leaving an illegible trace of the image on the paper. The projects explore the in-between areas of creating meaning and the sensibility towards the intangibleness of loss.

tuesday, 13th of March 2018, 7pm (until 5/4/)
ARTIST PER MONTH |Marko Lekič – Mleko: Evolution

In March, the DobraVaga gallery will feature Marko Lekič – Mleko and his exhibition Evolution. As a student of architecture, he bases his work in clean, graphic, precise lines and details that give the impression of engineering work, bringing to mind city plans when taken as a whole. The exhibition represents the evolution of his artistic path and mindset from chaos into greater organisation or their perfect balance.

tuesday, 20th of february 2018, 7pm (until 17/3/)
ZINE VITRINE | Teja Miholič: Fuck Local Whores
zine exhibition

The Fuck Local Whores project is a collection of several years of spam ads the author ran into on the internet. The broad topics of these advertisements encompass sex, food, money, the elderly and many other things. In this way, the author documents the images of everyday life on the internet, which scream for attention with their absurdity, explicit content, poor grammar and naïve design. At the opening, she will present a new zine, consisting of a diary of her Google searches.

thursday, 15th of february 2018, 7pm (until 13/3/)

In February, the DobraVaga exhibition space will feature Manuel Fabris, a student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. His smaller and larger canvases are characterised by the spontaneous combining of techniques, collages, and playing around with the image and text, with the young artist intuitively absorbing the visual world of his surroundings.

thursday, 25th of january 2018, 8pm (until 3/3/)
music poster exhibition

The fourth edition of the MENT Ljubljana festival brings the continuation of the appointMENT visual project. The exhibition first took place last year, this year however, the second edition advances the project with a new technique – namely, the 69 artists utilised risograph printing. The risograph is an economical, environmentally friendly printer of Japanese origin, whose printing process, similar to screen printing, allows for unique colour overlays and therefore distinctive prints. The printing process was overseen by Riso Paradiso, a Slovenian collective of riso print fans that has the only risograph in Slovenia.

tuesday, 23rd of january 2018, 7pm (until 17/2/)
ZINE VITRINE | Jure Šajn: Picking Up Lines
zine exhibition

With the Picking Up Lines exhibition, Jure Šajnexplores the transformation of the visual in the format of an artist’s book. In doing so, he experiments with the procedure, recognising the visual potential of coincidence and error. The included pieces shift between photography and graphics. He explores popularised print techniques and uncovers the new possibilities for expression offered by the photocopier and risograph. His work is characterised by materiality in the use of intriguing paper grammage and raster dot size.

thursday, 11th of january 2018, 7pm (until 7/2/)

The first to be featured in 2018 will be Anja Jelovšek, who has spent the last few years focusing exclusively on drawing. In the AIR-LINES project, she explored mechanical drawings made by a toy plane – the plane as an object that already inspires associations with drawing by leaving lines across the sky. Though the process involves automated drawing, an original piece is created as a consequence of coincidence.

tuesday, 19th december 2017, 7pm (until 20/1/)
Zine vitrine | Marko K. Gavez: Significantly Insignificant Scenes

The ZINE VITRINE exhibition programme will feature an exhibition and a new artistic publication of the same name by Marko K. Gavez. Through the breadth of his varied drawing skills, from attention to detail to expressive motifs, the artist explores the wealthy potential of illustration, which in places remains without direct explanation or clear intentions. Its meanings to him are thus unexplained, hidden, absent, even insignificant.

tuesday, 12th december 2017, 7pm (until 8/1/)
Artists per month | Hana Jesih and Eva Mlinar: Impressions, Ljubljana/Istanbul

Impressions are artistic correspondence, a dialogue between visual artists Eva Mlinar and Hana Jesih. Using e-mail, they exchanged visual impressions representing their experiences and perceptions of the culture, society, community and diversity of the cities they lived in during that time (Hana in Ljubljana, Eva in Istanbul). The end result of the digital dialogue are collage illustrations of selected topics, bound together in a book.

tuesday, 21st november 2017, 7pm (until 16/12/)
Zine Vitrine | MONA: Hokuspokus
zine exhibition

MONA is a group project and zine, created from Ljubljana to Berlin. It links male and female authors in various fields, from literary and fine art to culturological research and critical thought, combining articles that tackle the selected topics from the perspective of women. The displayed first issue discusses finding shelter in the idea of the supernatural and the desire for seeking out eternal truths and the answers to the questions bothering the contemporary female individual.

thursday, 9th november 2017, 7pm (until 6/12/)
Artist per month | Evgen Čopi Gorišek: Toys

In November, the Artist per Month series will feature multitalented young artist Evgen Čopi Gorišek. The DobraVaga Gallery will be taken over by the imaginary urban bustle of absurd events and adult children, created by the artist – a student of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana – with acrylic paints, spray-paints, markers and charcoal on canvas.

monday, 23th october 2017, 8pm
group exhibition
In October the sixth edition of the Biennial of the Slovenian Independent Illustration will be held in Kino Šiška. The Biennial will host more than 20 artists and art collectives from Slovenia and abroad who create on the periphery of different artistic practices. At the DobraVaga gallery the overview project Allstars will be exhibited as part of the Biennial from 16/10 to 20/11. The project Allstars has been presented at four exhibitions abroad in the past two years, but its elaborated opus will now be shown for the first time in Ljubljana.

friday, 13th october 2017, 6pm (until 18/11/2017)

In cooperation with the Tinta comics festival, the Zine Vitrine programme will feature the Ukmukfukk Archive exhibition project by the Ukmukfukk zine festival from Budapest. The project focuses on the treasures of contemporary Hungarian zine production that have accumulated in the festival archive over the past two years. The festival and its importance for the Hungarian zine scene will be presented by its cofounders, Petra Lilla Marjai and Julia Lerch.

wednesday, 11th october 2017, 7pm (until 8/11/2017)

In October, the Artist per Month exhibition space will be taken over by the Tinta comics festival. Young comics artist and musician Martin Ramoveš will present a retrospective of his work at the crossroads of music and comics so far – his music albums in comic book form, Nesojeni kavboji and Astronomi, drawings for the animated part of a documentary about the band Buldožeri, which indicate the stylistic variety and expressive power of the artist, and new illustrations to link it all together. He will also accompany the opening of the exhibition with a short concert.

12 september 2017, 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 11 october)
ZINE VITRINE | Urška Alič: A Light Here Required a Shadow There
In her work, Urška Alič focuses on the possibilities and limitations of photography as a medium for recording light. In doing so, she explores the relations between light and shadows, overlaps, transparency, the physicality of the analogue medium, the selection of detail, content and compositions, transferring and continuing the above-mentioned principles with illustration and graphic printing, particularly risograph printing. In the images, she seeks the complementarity of light-dark relations and the distinct rhythm of the composition of captured motifs.

tuesday, 5th september 2017, 7 pm, DobraVaga
ARTIST PER MONTH Jan Pogorelec: Displayed, part two
At summer’s end, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature Jan Pogorelec, a graduate of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Ljubljana. He will display his larger canvasses, characterised by a signature colour palette, geometry and details, together forming an abstract whole.

Friday, 7th July, 1 PM, Plečnik House

The collaboration of two unique projects, the DobraVaga Gallery and Plečnik House, presents fresh artwork by artists of the younger generation who are active on the local and international scenes. The main initiative for such cooperation is the location of DobraVaga beneath Plečnik’s arcades at Ljubljana’s Central Market, and the resulting link to Plečnik’s architectural heritage. The idea to feature contemporary authors in the historic home of Jože Plečnik is thus a tribute to the Slovenian architect, at the same time offering a new look at him, his work and his life. Titled JOŽE, the exhibition emphasises a personal note, as the authors present their own artistic interpretation of the architect through their art print. The participating artists are Eva Mlinar, Gašper Kunšič, Jure Brglez, Lealudvik, Matija Medved, Nastja Mezek, Nevena Aleksovski, Nina Mršnik and Peter Ferlan.

26 July 2017, 7pm, DobraVaga (until 10 September)
ZINE VITRINE | Numokk: Stalker
Zine exhibition

The Stalker exhibition puts the focus on the concealed watcher hiding in each of us. Numokk stalker appears on the beach, observing the happening from hidden nooks. He wants to belong. Asociality distances him further and further from society, which is why he “studies” people in secret. Stalker is not drawn, but possesses a third dimension and corporeality.

Thursday, 13 July 2017, 7pm (until 6.9.2017)
ARTIST PER MONTH Nastja Mezek: Swipe the Screen

In July, the DobraVaga gallery will feature artist Nastja Mezek, who is concluding her Master’s studies in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Her latest work in mixed media is characterised by overlapping images that trigger an inability to concentrate in the viewer – just like the images that we consume daily via digital media, so quickly that they blend into a single one.

Saturday, 8 July 2017, 11am to 1pm, DobraVaga (until September 2017)
FRESH FISH #summeredition
sales exhibition

Throughout the summer, the DobraVaga Gallery will again feature current artwork by the younger generation of artists. This time around, the walls of the former fish market beneath Plečnik’s arcades will be adorned with pieces by both regular and new visual artists, giving you the opportunity to spice up your summer with various types of artwork – from canvasses, prints, collages and drawings to zines! If you want to brighten up your own and your loved ones’ summer, you’re invited to grab your fresh (and local) artwork at DobraVaga! Participating artists and collectives: Adrijan Praznik, Alin Kostiov, Beli sladoled, Brina Fekonja, David Krancan, Eva Princeska Juričan, Helena Tahir, Pivka House of Culture, Ivanin Glupi Fejs, Jaka Vatovec, Gašper Kunšič, Kapitan Kolačkov, Leon Zuodar, Look Backandlaugh, Lealudvik, Meta Wraber, Marko K. Gavez, Marko Šajn, Matija Medved, Matija Bobičić, Miha Perne Erdo Carp, Mina Fina, Nejc F. Deso, Nevena Aleksovski, Nez Pez, Nina Čelhar, Nika Ham Kunst, NUMOKK, Pela Ronson, Peter Ferlan, Petra Korent, Robert Kuret, Simon Kocjančič, Tatiana Kocmur, Tina Konec, ZEK Crew, Zoran Pungerčar and others.

saturday, 12. august 2017, at 7pm, Neurotitan Gallery (until 2.9.2017)
exhibition of contemporary art from Slovenia

OFF THE HOOK is a travelling exhibition project, organised by the DobraVaga Gallery. Taken literally, the exhibition title winks at the identity of DobraVaga as a gallery in a former fish market, as well as at the artwork that slipped off the hook of its domestic confines. The exhibition aims to provide the international professional and general public with a glimpse of the current contemporary Slovenian production of artists featured at DobraVaga. The participating artists are Ivana BajecJaka Vatovec, Leon Zuodar, Marko K. GavezMiha Perne, Mina FinaNez PezNina Čelhar, Simon Kocjančič and Zoran Pungerčar.

Thursday, 15th June 2017, 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 10th July)
ARTIST PER MONTH Tina Konec: Day and Night and Night and Day

In June, the DobraVaga exhibition space will feature young painter Tina Konec. In her India ink and pencil artwork, where the meditative process itself is also of great importance, the artist explores the relationships between fullness and emptiness, and between the positive and the negative. Stringing together and repeating natural shapes is the search for a sort of morphological universality that allows for free interpretation and associations by the viewer.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017, 7pm (until 25 July)
ZINE VITRINE ZineCensura: Fanzine Makers from Mexico

WorstSellerEdiciones (MX) presents ZineCensura, an exhibition of illustrations about censorship, featuring artworks by fanzine artists from Mexico. The artworks are published in a fanzine, which gathers different styles and concerns around censorship in Mexico. The fanzine will be presented in a lecture hosted by WorstSellerEdiciones founders (Anahi H. Galaviz, Daniel Benítez) talking about the project and the importance of self-publishing for Mexican artists.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 8pm (until 30 June)
LE PETIT MIGNON: CROSS POLLINATION (travelling exhibition)

Cross Pollination is a new travelling exhibition by Berlin label and travelling gallery Le Petit Mignon, which focuses on underground visual art and innovative music. Under the direction of Guillaume Siffert, the founder and driving force behind Le Petit Mignon, numerous prominent group exhibitions have made their way around the world in the past, featuring art books and prints blending illustration, abstract art and graphic experiments, and in doing so, highlighting members of the international underground art scene. The current exhibition’s world premiere will be held in Ljubljana as part of the celebration of the first anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, with the exhibition boasting the crème de la crème of the current screen printing production of eight French artists and graphic experimenters: Benoit Sanchez Hachair (Ben Sanair), Emy Rojas and Gaspard Le Quiniou (Arrache-Toi Un Oeil!), Julia Crinon and Hugo Marchal (Atelier McClane), Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff (Palefroi), and Thomas Perrodin.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 7pm (until 24 June)
ZINE VITRINE Brina Fekonja and Robert Kuret: (z)amor

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition series, visual artist Brina Fekonja and writer Robert Kuret will present their zine debut. (z)amor is a diary about how couples get on each other’s nerves. From silly questions to sad eyes, from being late to needing drama. Through short notes, quotes, anecdotes, drawings, photos and post-its, the authors reveal the funny-serious issues of their relationship, at the same time displaying sincere affection for each other.

Brina Fekonja (1989) graduated in Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She’s interested in how design affects the individual and the community. She’s a fan of animation, film, scenography and puppets, and likes to draw and take photographs.

Robert Kuret (1987) is a Professor of Slovenian Language. He writes reviews and essays. About films and books. He’s interested in the dynamics of desire in stories. Occasionally, he also writes poetry. He’s a member of the organisational committee of the Prebranec literary evenings. He likes football and passive characters.

Thursday, 18 May 2017, 7pm (until 12 June)
ARTIST PER MONTH Peter Ferlan: I will come right over! 

In May, the Artist Per Month exhibition space will feature the young and multitalented artist Peter Ferlan. The interactive exhibition Pridem takoj! (Coming Straight Away!) enables communication between the viewer and the illustrations, which literally live within a framework, daring to speak their mind about us while we observe them. In this way, they aim to encourage the viewer to think about critical reflection of the pieces observed.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 7pm (until 22 May)
ZINE VITRINE Petra Korent: Porm

Petra Korent is interested in illustrations of a wild context. Using humour, she casts a kinder light on the unpleasant and banal life situations we unavoidably face. These are the pains of contemporary human intimacy, whether relationships of duality or solo dramas, which she makes fun of in a caricaturised, humorously absurd and direct manner. Naked bodies, hairy legs, bodily fluids and small penises, all a part of an individual’s everyday, are thus placed in new fantastical and surreal settings.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 7pm (until 27 May)

In April, the DobraVaga gallery will feature illustration student Te Sera. She is interested in the sensibility of perception; starting with the subtle sensations we experience as human beings, she translates them into an artistic visual expression. The need that drives the design and impression on the sheet is the desire for retaining sensation and the challenge of expressing something immaterial via a material medium.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 7pm (until 24 April)
ARTIST PER MONTH Alin Kostiov: Mirrors

In March, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature young architecture student Alin Kostiov. She usually first dreams the illustrations she then draws in black ink, silver foil tape and black pen, meaning they’re a reflection of her subconscious: things she feels, anticipates and sees. For her, art is a sort of mirror – what we see in it reflects our personality, intellect and frustrations.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 7pm (until 15 April)
ZINE VITRINE Tea Hvala: P.S. Stamps Back

One of the tricks that made you feel like a rebel when making and trading zines in the 1990s was coating stamps with soap or paper glue. This prevented the postmark from sticking, so the stamps could be used several times. In addition to savings and a prankster’s joy, the trick bore the loose promise of a new zine arriving at your address, sooner or later (in addition to some very faded stamps). And the zines came from everywhere: the former Yugoslavia, Europe, both Americas, the Philippines and Malaysia. Ever since then, dust has been gathering on the evidence – boxes of zines, letters and postcards.
In my eyes, this exhibition transforms the zines from a lovely, intimate memory of the 1990s scene to museum exhibits, even though this goes against everything that drove us, fanziners, at the time. And even though some of the featured zines are still worth reading, even though I still make a zine on occasion (alone or with others), and even though today’s scene is very much alive, the selection is dominated by a historic view. It was dictated by the showcase – and don’t even get me started on the mailing labels and self-adhesive stamps.  – Tea Hvala

Monday, 27th February 2017, 7pm (until 25.3.)

In February, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature visual artist Gašper Kunšič. The MOMENT OF UNCERTAINTY exhibition touches on contemporary moments of distress, doubt and insecurity, originating in both global events and the existential questions of the Millennial Generation. In the prints and paintings, pop culture colours blend with expressive texts documenting these moments.

Tuesday, 21th February 2017, 7pm
ZINE VITRINE Leon Zuodar: Zinko Tiček

Zinko Tiček is a small zine reading room that evolved from Leon Zuodar’s personal archive of fanzines, graphic novels and comics, collected over a long period of time. It’s located in the Pivka House of Culture, in the artist’s studio, which is open to zine enthusiasts and all who are interested in the media of photocopying, risography, screen printing, linocuts and experimental drawings. The space is designed as a reading room, a smaller exhibition/event area and a studio, where one can talk with guest artists in person and hold zine workshops and exhibitions. One can also copy a long-forgotten or lost zine or two. Within the framework of the Zine Vitrine program, Zinko Tiček will be presented by the head of the project, visual artist Leon Zuodar.

Tuesday, 24th January 2016, 7pm (until 16.2.)

Marko K. Gavez (1993) creates in various media, but the starting point is always illustration. He studied graphic arts at the Secondary School for Design and Photography. Over the past three years, he has put on three solo and several group exhibitions.

Thursday, 26th January 2016, 7pm (until 25.2.)
music poster exhibition

The third edition of the MENT Ljubljana festival is introducing a new project connecting the European music scene with fresh contemporary artistic production – the appointMENT visual cycle and exhibition of 50 limited edition music posters, inspired by the 60 performers at this year’s festival. The posters were designed by the younger generation of diverse, mostly Slovenian artists in the fields of illustration, graphic design, drawing, painting and graffiti art. The exhibition project is one of the few in the Slovenian space that simultaneously engaged so many young contemporary artists with such different artistic languages and from such varied areas of artistic production.


Tuesday, 17th January 2016, 7pm (until 18.2.)

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition programme, LEALUDVIK will present a selection of their own zines and prints. In the zines, LEALUDVIK primarily utilise photographs and video sequences, often intertwined with illustrations. The foundation of their artistic work originates in the exploration of fetishism, BDSM practices, slasher and giallo films, and occultism. Through the decomposition of gender roles, they disclose their world from a male and female perspective.


Monday, 19 December 2016 at 7pm (until 20.1.)
ARTIST PER MONTH Andrea Knezović, Adrijan Praznik, Andreas Cesarini: Old News

In the second trimester, the DobraVaga Open Studio was inhabited by artists Andrea Knezović and Adrijan Praznik and architect Andreas Cesarini, who will present their artistic project Old News. The artists respond to the condition of contemporary society with humour and irony, turning old newspapers into conceptual useful objects that serve as protection against today’s flood of (pointless) information.

Andreas Cesarini (1988, Uppsala) graduated in Architecture from London South Bank University in 2010. After completing his degree, he spent five years working in various architecture firms as a designer and 3d specialist. This time was especially rewarding in terms of exploring cross-media approaches to art and design. As well as physical models, he worked with hand drawing, videos and all sorts of digital tools. Since university his interests have lain in particular with exploring the connection between our own perception of the world and the digital represenations of it that we can create. With enough experience gathered, he recently decided to start his own practice, working on CGI visualisation and digital consultation for artists and architects.

Andrea Knezović (1990, Zagreb) graduated in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana in 2014. She currently divides her time between Ljubljana and Zagreb, and is one of those artists whose work is closely connected to exploring limit states and ambiguities within a social context. She uses her artistic practice as a means of reconstructing social paradigms via an imaginative visual vocabulary and a conceptual framework. Her interests lie in performance art, mixed media, video and photography. She has participated in numerous local and international exhibitions, and was also nominated for the Essl Art Award in 2013 and 2015.

Adrijan Praznik (1988, Ljubljana) graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO), mentored by Žiga Kariž, MA, and co-mentored by Tomislav Vignjević, PhD. He was the recipient of the City of Ljubljana scholarship for talented students and the ALUO Award for Special Artistic Achievements in the 2011/2012 academic year. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad (the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Italy, Germany), and held residencies in Riga and Berlin. In 2015, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia awarded him the working stipend for promising artists. His work is featured in the International Centre of Graphic Arts. He lives and works in Ljubljana.


Thursday, 15 December 2016 at 9pm
STRIPBURGER | M. S. Bastian in Isabelle L. : Bum! Bam! Bam!

Alongside the Bastocalypse exhibition by the Swiss artistic duo of M. S. Bastian and Isabelle L. at the Kresija Gallery, DobraVaga will feature a sales exhibition of their work, with the artists displaying a series of silkscreen prints, in addition to smaller cardboard sculptures. Their work is characterised by the expansion of the limits of classic comics narration, which they implement in the field of visual art with typical freshness and insight.


Friday, 16th December 2016, 7pm, UGM STUDIO (until 3.1.)

OFF THE HOOK is a travelling exhibition project with which DobraVaga is continuing its cooperation with UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, which visited DobraVaga with the Made in Maribor exhibition of contemporary work by Maribor artists. DobraVaga is an exhibition and project space, gallery and open studio, whose programme places an emphasis on various contemporary artistic approaches and exploration by the younger generation of artists. The venue is designed as a junction for stimulating creativity, interpersonal connections, dialogue, active support, encouraging exhibitions, communicating with the audience and promoting contemporary artistic production, and aims to advance this platform with the visiting exhibition (Beli sladoledIvana BajecJaka VatovecMarko K. GavezMina FinaNez PezNina ČelharSimon KocjančičZoran Pungerčar).


Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 7pm (until 16.1.)
ZINE VITRINE Simon Kocjančič: Far Out

Simon Kocjančič is presenting a selection of zines and sketchbooks, focused on his drawings of undefined or semi-recognisable motifs, in their deformity functioning as hybrid grotesque monsters or humorous doodles. He rounds off the soft, intuitive sliding of his pen stroke with almost careless additions that balance out the seemingly random depictions into attractive compositions.


Saturday, 17 December 2016 at 10am until 12am
FRESH FISH! | sales exhibition of contemporary fine art by young artists

In December, the DobraVaga project and exhibition space under Plečnik’s Arcades will feature the return of contemporary fine art by the younger generation of artists. Many of them have already held exhibitions at DobraVaga – now they will cover the walls of the former fish market with fresh, never before exhibited pieces. You’ll be able to view and purchase artwork of various sizes and artistic media – from canvasses, graphic art, collages and drawings to zines!


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 at 7pm (until 17.12.)
ARTIST PER MONTH Eva Juričan: Atomic Garden

In November, the Artist per Month exhibition series will feature young artist Eva Juričan, who will present her experiments with various techniques and bases. In her recent artwork, she draws inspiration primarily from the California skate punk scene of the 1990s, bright neon colours and the connection between image and text. With her pieces, she does not want to burden the viewer, but rather immerse them in a kind of fun nostalgia.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 7pm (until 12.12.)
ZINE VITRINE Nejc Korenič: Manifest

The ZINE VITRINE exhibition programme will feature Nejc Korenič, who will present his latest zine. According to the author, people have an inborn sense of compassion towards others, whether animals, plants or other people. Through his work in the exhibited zine, he thus searches for everyday sorrows, experiences and other factors that in time turn us into demonic monsters.


Thursday, 10 November 2016 at 7pm (until 3.12.)

Made in Maribor is a visiting exhibition of the freshest local art coming out of Maribor. An exhibition of the same name was first organised in Maribor by UGM l Umetnostna galerija Maribor in the past summer months. A second edition at the exhibition and project space DobraVaga will announce the beginning of an exacting collaboration between DobraVaga and UGM | Maribor Art Gallery, to be followed by an exhibition at UGM Studio in Maribor in December 2016.


thursday, 13 October 2016, 7pm (until 22.11.)
ZINE VITRINE Jiří Almer: Zine theory and avant-garde praxis

Within the framework of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition space, Jiří Almer will present the DIY publisher Pravěk and experimental music label Pravěk Noise Section, which is also active in the field of zine distribution. He will display various fanzines and artist’s books from Central and Eastern Europe, mostly of the hardcore punk persuasion, written in English and boasting intriguing graphic design. The emphasis will be on avant-garde, experimental and punk (cut&paste) exhibits. Part of the displayed collection comes from the Archive of Czech and Slovak Subcultures, where Almer works as a researcher. Ahead of the exhibition, he will give a short presentation on fanzine theory and research approaches in cultural studies. The lecture will be held in English.

Jiří Almer is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Economic and Social History, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. His dissertation focuses on the comparison of Central and Eastern European political activism, hardcore punk scenes and fanzine production. He is a member of the Centre for the Study of Popular Culture (CSPK). Using a pseudonym, he has published not only DADA/surrealistic poem books, but experimental conceptual artwork as well. He is also an avant-garde/noise musician and the vocalist of a grindcore band.


Thursday, 20 October 2016 at 7pm (until 14.11.)
ARTIST PER MONTH Maks Bricelj: 1991

In October, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature young painter Maks Bricelj. The exhibition, titled 1991, will display an installation piece composed of paintings, drawings and other objects; an experimentally oriented layout, utilising ironic derivations of interpersonal and dystopic consumer relations inside and outside of civilisation, techno-communicational burdening of man and humorous generational misunderstandings.

After concluding his studies at the Secondary School for Design and Photography and then taking a break for several years, Maks Bricelj (1991) enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana, where he is concluding his studies in painting and starting his postgraduate studies in sculpture. His artistic work encompasses painting, drawing, object design, illustration, photography, video, sound and collecting found items. As of late, he is interested in designing installation pieces that combine all of the above. Befitting his curious nature, he always gathers his interests from his immediate surroundings, aligns them and develops them further by browsing online and through print media of all sorts. He dislikes defining himself as far as genres go, therefore feeling most at home within chaotic byways. He prefers to go with the flow or manipulate the rawness of a selected medium, experimenting in the freedom of expression and spontaneous problem solving. His solo exhibition was featured within the Artist per Month programme at the DobraVaga Gallery. He also participated in the opening exhibition of UAUU (2014), the independent ALUO students’ exhibition Vakuum (2015), the Month of Culture at Hostel Celica (2016), the opening of the Južna exhibition space at the Rog Factory (2016), and the Neki piše group exhibition at the Vodnik Homestead gallery within the framework of the Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts.


Friday, 7th October 2016, 6pm
STRIPOLISFEST Delphine Vaute: Yvonne, l’enfant château

The exhibition programme of the Stripolisfest comic strip festival in DobraVaga will feature young French drawer and illustrator Delphine Vaute. She will showcase a selection of original drawings and illustrations from her unique picture book for adults Yvonne, l’enfant château, which was published in Slovenia last year by VigeVageKnjige and which focuses on children and their world. The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a discussion with the author, moderated by Anja Golob. During the festival, Delphine Vaute will also lead a drawing workshop on the topic of children’s memories and storytelling in images, which will be held on Saturday, 8th October, at DobraVaga.


Wednesday, 5th October 2016 at 8pm

The Bridges project is a visiting exhibition by young Rijeka artists and students of the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, as well as independent artists from Rijeka and Zagreb. The exhibition represents the continuation of the cooperation with the Ljubljana art scene, which began on 30th November 2015 with the Common Space exhibition in the Kortil Gallery in Rijeka.


wednesday, 7 september 2016, 7pm
ARTIST PER MONTH Helena Tahir: Faces

Helena Tahir was the first artist to book a space in the DobraVaga Open Studio, which opened in May and offers young artists the opportunity to rent a studio free of charge. After a successful three-month residence, she will exhibit her work at the monthly ARTIST PER MONTH exhibition, at which she will display her newest selection of black-and-white digital prints, in which she exploits the advantages of traditional approaches, upgrading them digitally and playing with layering and textures. Confusion, chaos and disorder, at first glance prevailing, are put in their place via composition, with the initial realistic approach then incorporated into a fantasy dream world, which has nothing in common with the laws of nature. Her current focus is on textures, fragmentation and the confusion of the world, especially portraits with different emotions and facial expressions, with the artist considering the face to be the most sublime part of the human body.


thursday, 15 october 2016, 7pm
ZINE VITRINE Mina Fina: Brez naslova/This song is untitled

Visual artist Mina Fina’s work explores different types of media, and as part of the ZINE VITRINE programme, she will showcase a collection of drawings, sketches and graphics, which finds its focus in the author’s recently published zine Robni zapis etc., etc. (2016). The zine was created using the Riso digital duplicator at her exhibition in the Kočevje Art Salon; among other graphic layout techniques one also finds collagraphy, monotyping and dry needle on foil. The artist portrays images of women, often summarized from mass media, then dressed in aesthetic and potentially subversive figures of a pure visual language and new contexts, replacing previous objectification with the possibility of identification. The artist will accompany the opening of the exhibition with a brief presentation of her previous work in the field of zines.