Tatiana Kocmur (1992, Buenos Aires) is a painter who is finishing her postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. The central theme of her art is the portrayal of the female body in relation to the manipulated bodies displayed in mass media. She satirically highlights the body, which is subjugated to beauty ideals. Adding attributes of today’s ideal to her portrayals of the female body and deforming the original image, she shapes the nonexistent, unreal and impossible. Her work is based on transferring images from one medium to another, which she then deforms and transforms with a computer into new, fanciful images with a fresh meaning. Her works have been displayed at several group exhibitions, such as the BL-art festival, the V. Independent Biennial and at the Rog Factory, as well as solo exhibitions within the framework of the City of Women festival and at Plac Boris. She lives and creates in Ljubljana.