Dorijan Šiško (1990) is a graphic designer who also explores other visual arts fields, such as illustration, animation, installation and multimedia art, and VJing. He received an M.A. in Visual Communications from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2019. He was the artistic editor of the socially critical student paper Tribuna. He is the artistic head of the art and design collective freštreš, which regularly publishes the freštreš maga/zine and holds exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. Šiško’s work has been featured at institutions such as Kibla, Kino Šiška, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Museum of Modern Art, the International Centre of Graphic Arts, GT22 and the Jakopič Gallery, as well as the Out to See Festival in New York. He is the recipient of two Brumen Awards, one for the Tribuna paper and one for the Freštreš 10 book. His primary interests in design are the speculative, critical, experimental and transmedian aspects of design. By creating visually-theoretical worlds in his work, he explores themes such as digital culture, the internet, futurism, virtuality, video games, science fiction and popular culture.