26 July 2017, 7pm, DobraVaga (until 10 September)
ZINE VITRINE | Numokk: Stalker
Zine exhibition

The Stalker exhibition puts the focus on the concealed watcher hiding in each of us. Numokk stalker appears on the beach, observing the happening from hidden nooks. He wants to belong. Asociality distances him further and further from society, which is why he “studies” people in secret. Stalker is not drawn, but possesses a third dimension and corporeality.

saturday, 12. august 2017, at 7pm, Neurotitan Gallery (until 2.9.2017)
exhibition of contemporary art from Slovenia

OFF THE HOOK is a travelling exhibition project, organised by the DobraVaga Gallery. Taken literally, the exhibition title winks at the identity of DobraVaga as a gallery in a former fish market, as well as at the artwork that slipped off the hook of its domestic confines. The exhibition aims to provide the international professional and general public with a glimpse of the current contemporary Slovenian production of artists featured at DobraVaga. The participating artists are Ivana BajecJaka Vatovec, Leon Zuodar, Marko K. GavezMiha Perne, Mina FinaNez PezNina Čelhar, Simon Kocjančič and Zoran Pungerčar.