Monday 16 December 2019 at 7 pm, Improper Walls, Vienna (Until 23/12/)
OFF THE HOOK │ Another Time and Place

OFF THE HOOK is an annual exhibition project by the DobraVaga Gallery in Ljubljana, bringing together local up-and-coming artists. Following exhibitions in Berlin and Budapest, we are presenting the third edition of the project in Vienna: Another Time and Space

The exhibition is characterised by the return of the authors to the most basic perception of their environment, the awareness of the processes of remembering, and the search for those points in which perception and memory create new, virtual spaces. These offer the possibility for pausing and the idiosyncratic appropriation of a space and time that seems foreign to many. 

Dalea Kovačec, Janja Kosi, Manuel Fabris, Monika Slemc, Neža Perovšek and Romana Pehar focus on their environment with a strong awareness of the fleeting nature of human perception and the fickleness of our memory, and with a pronounced ear for the peripheries that, as a rule, escape perception and reflection.  

Organised by: Kino Šiška, DobraVaga, Improper Walls, Slovenian Culture and Information Centre SKICA