Kristijan Dolenc Rojko (1988) is a student of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He is one of the talented artists in the fields of illustration, painting and sculpture who founded the Paper Dreams group in 2013. He creates in both new media, such as digital illustration, and traditional media (painting, drawing). He has participated in several group exhibitions (the Independent Biennial at Kino Šiška, Slovenian Mythology at Kud Esko Piran, Dreamers at Pritličje, Digital Transfer 4 at the Škuc Gallery) and hosted solo exhibitions at Rdeča nit and the Cielto Lindo bar. He is the author of Oli the Mole, the main character at the Vulkanija Adventure Park in Goričko. For a short time, he worked as a graphic designer for Ekipa2/Outfit7 and as a concept artist for Art Rebel 9. Currently he is the illustrator in charge of the comprehensive appearance of slot machines at Gold Club in Sežana. His work reflects an interest in animal and human anatomy and portraits. As he also enjoys creating his own creatures and monsters, you can often find him at the Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana.