Lo Milo is an urban explorer and muralist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Born in the 20th century and educated on the streets, Lo Milo has collaborated with various organizations and festivals, such as Urban Forms (Łódź, Poland), iBug Urban Art Festival (Leipzig, Germany), Street Art Festival Mostar (Mostar, B&H), ProstoRož – Cultural Society (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Autonomous Factory Rog (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Layer House (Kranj, Slovenia). In 2017, Lo’s work was selected for ‘‘Best of Street Art in 2017’’ by ekosystem.org, the oldest, highly recognized street art blog. His work stems from the constant observation of public spaces and open areas, especially of inconspicuous details, unnoticed at first glance. The most pronounced feature of his work is adapting to the surroundings through spontaneous, site-specific interventions in an already existing, primarily architectural, environment. The majority of Lo Milo’s works are on walls across Europe.