Fresh fish

FRESH FISH | #UnchartedWaters

At the DobraVaga Gallery, we’ve revitalized our collection with the fresh artistic production of authors we’ve already been working with, as well as a bunch of those that will be debuting their works with us for the first time. The former fish market will provide a home to pieces made during the idleness and uncertainty of lockdown, as well as those that recall the nicer, more carefree times before. As befits the situation, all pieces will be on display and available for purchase in the DobraVaga online store as well. 

Artists: Nevena Aleksovski, Eva Bevec, Jure Brglez, Matic Brinc, Katarina Caserman, Peter Ferlan, Nuka Horvat, Klemen Ilovar, Jaka Juhant,  Ajda Kadunc, Petra Korent, Alin Kostiov, Tatjana Kotnik, Klara Kracina, Matija Medved, Lenart Merlin, Teja Miholič, Sangara Perhaj, Eva Popit, Tereza Prepadnik, Zoran Pungerčar, Urša Rahne, Sara Rman, Lucija Rosc, Rok Roudi, Marko Šajn, Jaka Teršek, Lea Topolovec, Jaka Vatovec, Vita Weisseisen, Žiga Roš.

Nina Goropečnik

ARTIST PER MONTH | Nina Goropečnik: which is not (yet) visible

In her work, Nina Goropečnik discusses the relationship between the private and the public, and explores the limits of performance art and its documentation. In the exhibition which is not (yet) visible, she presents the traces of performative actions in which she told intimate stories to viewers in a language they did not understand. Her work complicates the moment when something becomes visible, as the artist plays with disclosure and concealment within it. The viewer of the exhibition, who can only access the incomplete documentation of the performances, is placed at a distance and can only speculate about the original event.

Nina Goropečnik (1993) graduated in 2017 from Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, where she is currently enrolled in post-graduate studies. She is part of a younger generation of artists who work in the field of performance art. She has held a solo exhibition at the DLUL Gallery (Ljubljana, 2020) and participated in several group exhibitions, including at the Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri Gallery (Hjalteyri, Iceland, 2018), Layer House (Kranj, Slovenia, 2018) and DA! Festival (Zagreb, Croatia, 2017). In 2019, her artistic work was featured at the P74 Gallery as part of the My Story project. Since the same year, she is a member of the Gallery 7:069 collective, which focuses on presenting younger student production.

Off the Hook

Thursday, 17. 12. 2020, 19.00, DobraVaga 
OFF THE HOOK | Sprejmi in nadaljuj / Accept and Continue
online exhibition

The fourth edition of the Off the Hook exhibition, titled Accept and Continue, brings together artists who are exploring online phenomena, often finding inspiration in pop culture, social network content and concurrent social events. By gathering, exploring and creating various online content, the artists are questioning how it is created, who forms it and how it circulates among users. They are approaching the selected topics with a certain amount of humour and pervasiveness, thereby reflecting their own understanding of various social and political structures.

Off the Hook is an international exhibition project bringing together and featuring local artists of the younger generation. After exhibitions in Vienna, Berlin and Budapest, the current edition is designed entirely for the internet. The exhibition is approached as an art medium that offers reflection on the placement of internet content (back) in its original environment, while at the same time playing with the boundaries between art and the various forms of information we encounter while browsing online today.

Participating artists: freštreš, Teja Miholič, Sara Bezovšek, Nik Erik Neubauer, Matic Pandel, Lucija Rosc

Curator: Lara Mejač