Thursday 22 April 2021, DobraVaga (Until 11/05/)
ARTIST PER MONTH | Janja Kosi: Serving Suggestion

The artist has always associated the Scandinavian chain Ikea with an experience; a family outing and fantasizing about her own ideally furnished home. Ikea is a space for daydreaming. A non-place where we are ourselves and no one at the same time. We can compose infinite possible combinations. If we get tired, we can sit down and rest. Treat ourselves to a meal as a refreshment. When the artist wanted to remember the mall building itself, it was just a blurred yellow-blue box shape. By traveling through online maps, she began visiting Ikea buildings in various cities, examining them, and depicting them on postcards as an architectural highlight of the city. Her starting point is an emphasis on the exterior, the packaging (of the consumer experience), where it is not entirely clear whether she is surrendering and praising this dazzling world of consumption and the daydreaming it offers, or merely mimicking its approaches and pointing at the hollowness and emptiness behind its attractive façade.

Janja Kosi studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana, receiving her Master’s degree in 2020. She is active in the fields of visual arts, painting, illustration and animation. Her work has been featured in the darling the roof is leaking (DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana, 2019) solo exhibition, as well as several group exhibitions, including Provisional. For the foreseeable future. (Fotopub, Ljubljana, 2020), Prelaunch Days EKO 8 (UGM – MTT, Maribor, 2020), 4WD; The Polycentricity of Painting issues in the Works of Four Authors (Moderna Gallery, Zagreb, 2020), Another Time and Place (Improper Walls, Vienna, 2019). In 2020, she received the ALUO Award for her Master’s thesis titled Everyday Life of Heterotopic Space / X°Y’Z’’ N – A°B’C’’ E. Her work is characterised by spatial layouts and the intertwining of various media, where one can still feel a painterly note. She is primarily interested in the subjective perception of space and the latter’s connection to the notion of a place. 

Thursday 14 April 2021, DobraVaga (Until 05/05/)
ZINE VITRINE | Bor Kokelj: Nightcrawler Diaries

As a sort of abstract diary, the zine features various glimpses into the author’s nightly online adventures. Each individual piece was created as a response to the several hours spent each day consuming content, which the author did even more during quarantine. The author depicts this both critically and idyllically through various symbols, such as film scenes, song lyrics, outdated internet images and the like.

Thursday 14 April 2021, DobraVaga (Until 25/05/)
FRESH FISH #newwave

The FRESH FISH commercial exhibition series features the new, fresh wave of current artistic production. This time, our selection focuses on media and techniques that enable making works of art in only one, original copy, complementing them with a wave of recent graphic production. Regardless of the medium, the exhibited works attract attention with innovative, experimental technical approaches and relaxed artistic expressions.

Artists: Adrijan Praznik, Alin Kostiov, Ava Tribušon Ovsenik, Dalea Kovačec, Ema Kobal, Jaka Juhant, Jaka Teršek, Janja Kosi, Klara Kracina, Lea Topolovec, Lo Milo, Maruša Račič, Mina Fina, Monika Slemc, Nastja Utroša, Nina Čelhar, Neža Perovšek, Nika Rupnik, Nuka Horvat, Peter Ferlan, Petra Korent, Rok Roudi, Sangara Perhaj, Sara Skenderija, Vita Eva Weisseisen, Zala Kalan