5. 6. 2021, at 12.00 / DobraVaga
A City Needs a Map

Mentor: Nika Rupnik

As part of the 5th anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, we’re preparing a workshop led by visual artist Nika Rupnik. Participants will take a walk around Ljubljana’s urban landscape, exploring it by visually documenting their own impressions and reflecting on how our movements and settlement habits have been changed by the epidemic. With the help of graphic techniques and group work, participants will be able to re-experience the city as an intertwining of architecture and the lived experiences of its inhabitants. In the end, the mapping results will be combined into a map of subjectively experienced public space.

Nika Rupnik (1991) is a trained painter and self-employed cultural worker. She primarily finds inspiration in the urban environment, which she reflects on through drawings, paintings, photography and graphic arts. As a visual artist, she is active on the local gallery scene, as well as in the field of cultural and artistic education. She has participated in projects by Sezam and Kinodvor, and was a permanent external collaborator of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, where she led and implemented a pedagogical program for children and adults and demonstrations of graphic techniques. She is also active as an illustrator.

The number of participants is limited. Apply at urska.aplinc@dobravaga.si

28. 5. 2021, at 18.00 / DobraVaga
NEIGHBOURS. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats
until 28. 5. 2021

At the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the DobraVaga Gallery, we’re taking a look around our surroundings. Neighbours. The Urban Adventures of Friends and Diplomats is the title of the main group exhibition, topically encompassing a group zine exhibition, Artist per Month solo exhibition and accompanying events as well. Over three days, we’ll take a look at our role in co-creating the urban pulse of the city, providing possible answers to the question of what it means to be a neighbour with the help of participating artists. We don’t understand neighbourly relations just in the literal sense. Rather, we view our fellow citizens, the diverse urban actors who bring the city to life and whom we still miss when we stay at home, as neighbours. It was while having to stay at home that some of us began to get to know our neighbours and experience coexistence in a completely different way.

28. 5. 2021, at 18.00 / DobraVaga
Community <> Working Spaces in Ljubljana
discussion and project presentation

As part of the 5th anniversary program of the DobraVaga Gallery, which focuses on the city and neighborly relations at various levels, we are also interested in the position of young artists in the city and the practices and spaces of their collaboration. That is why we are connecting with the Škuc Gallery, where together with the Kela photography space they are preparing an exhibition in November that includes artistic research on the topic of group working and creative spaces. The curator of the exhibition Tia Čiček and the co-founders of the Kela space Peter Rauch, Urška Preis and Luka Prijatelj will talk about self-organization and solidarity, the creation and maintenance of such spaces, and community.

The printed version of the OFF THE HOOK: Sprejmi in nadaljuj / Accept and Continue is finally here!

You can find the booklet, designed by Maruša Račič at the gallery, and the online version HERE.

Say It Out Loud! – series of online workshops from our zine library

Submission deadline: 25. 4. 2021

As long as it’s not possible to make zines together in person, we’ll continue hosting remote workshops. This time, we’re inviting you to participate in the first online workshop from our zine library and contribute to a group zine titled SAY IT OUT LOUD!

The topic of the workshop refers to our library zine archive, which we’ll be featuring through curated highlights throughout the year. The first topical emphasis of our collection are activist zines – zines that express the missions, ideas and politicisation of certain groups, subcultures and associations, such as the LGBTQIA+ community, feminism, anarchism etc. For the SAY IT OUT LOUD! group zine, we’re accepting submissions that can be a commentary on the state of society or the coronavirus times, or are simply related to a personal experience or story that has not been given room in the public sphere and is overlooked, silenced or erased.

Technical specifications and clarifications:

  • the submissions can be illustrations, short texts, comics, collages …
  • the format of the submissions should be upright and in A5 size
  • the submissions can be in colour or black-and-white, and made in the technique of your choice
  • an individual can submit several submissions or a single submission on several pages

    Send your submissions to ema.kobal@dobravaga.si by Sunday, 25. 4. 2021. We’ll collect them in a group zine, which participants will be able to print at home and which will also be included in the ZINE VITRINE library.


You’re also invited to browse our online zine archive: https://zine-vitrine.tumblr.com/

We’re looking forward to zining with you again!

visual: Lin Gerkman in Jakob Koncut, Lepe fasade lepo molčijo, 2016

What if ...

Zine that was created through February workshop with Daria Tommasi is now available HERE

In its printed form it is now also a part of our zine library which you are welcome to visit once the gallery reopens – presumably after April 11th 2021.