Adrijan Praznik (1988) graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in 2016, also receiving the ALUO Award for Special Artistic Achievements. In 2014, he showcased his solo exhibition I Get Off at the Next Station at Kino Siska, and together with Eva Lucija Kozak and Petja Grafenauer, PhD, conceived the Mismatches I and II exhibitions, which were displayed at the Equrna Gallery and the UGM Studio in Maribor. In the same year, his solo exhibition The Lost World was staged at the Alkatraz Gallery. In 2015, he participated in the Tribuna; lep časopis exhibition in the amphitheatre of the Museum of Modern Art and the Lighting Guerrilla group exhibition, Into the Dark, at the Match Gallery. In 2016, he presented a solo exhibition as part of the Solo Exhibition Series at Kino Šiška. He has stayed in Riga and Berlin as the artist in residence, where, together with Eva Lucija Kozak and Petja Grafenauer, PhD, he devised the Mismatches exhibition at the Slovenian Embassy, as well as the Dezemberausstellung exhibition with the support of Toppalais. In late 2015, he participated in the Equrna POP! group exhibition at the Equrna Gallery, and in October 2016, his solo exhibition Kongres was featured at the Simulaker Gallery in Novo mesto. He was a regular contributor to the Tribuna magazine and his work was published in many other publications as well. As part of the DobraVaga Open Studio programme, he collaborated on the Old news project alongside Andrea Knezović and Andreas Cesarini. His work is part of the International Centre of Graphic Arts collection. He lives and works in Ljubljana.