Tuesday 15 May at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 13/6/)

ZINE VITRINE | Horrid Habits: Automartyr

zine exhibition

With the Automartyr exhibition, visual artist Horrid Habits presents his newly published zine of the same title, in which he continues to explore aesthetics and religious symbolism, as well as the related rituals that shift into abstract forms, this time through focusing on self-sacrifice. In this context, he links self-sacrifice to the contemporary experience of obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety, which lead to attempts to control events, as well as to self-sacrificing, forced, pointless rituals that function as prevention.

Thursday 10 May at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 6/6/)

ARTIST PER MONTH | Vedran Štimac – PoliteBastART: Room of Portraits


The illustrator and street artist from Pula, who has lived and worked in Ljubljana since last year, will present his portrait series Room of Portraits. The unusual and surreal treatment of the portrayed persons serves as a counterweight to the photographic precision of the illustrations created by the self-taught artist with a Rapidograph. He mostly portrays historic figures who inspired him strongly during a certain period of his life, subtly intertwining their images with a critique of the world and society we live in.