Tuesday 10 July at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 5/9/)

ZINE VITRINE │ Nina Urh: Balances

zine exhibition

With an exhibition of prints and a new zine, graphic designer and illustrator Nina Urh continues her artistic practice of building space through abstracted shapes and clean lines in print and book form. In the zine Balances (Ravnotežja), she explores and seeks the right balance required by the arrival of a new human being into the world and family. The entry of a new being into an established lifestyle brings many adjustments and new rhythms, which create previously unfamiliar balances.

Wednesday 4 July at 7 pm, DobraVaga (until 4/9/)

ARTIST PER MONTH │ Petra Korent: Goodbye Slut


After finishing her Open Studio residency, the young artist we’ve previously met as part of the ZINE VITRINE exhibition will present a series of acrylic paintings on canvas. Changes in her love life led her to a different view on moments of intimacy, which is evident in her motifs. Direct and exhibitionist illustrations have changed into warmer, more intimate sketches of relationship life, though they still retain the author’s characteristic humorous style.

Wednesday 4 July, DobraVaga (until 8/10/)


group commercial exhibition

The group exhibition brings together artists whose motifs draw from the urban environment, from infrastructural elements and architecture to everyday urban events, people and animals.

They approach the topic in question humorously or even surreally and grotesquely, intertwining figuration and abstraction, image and text. They draw inspiration from comic books and cartoons, often also creating their own imaginary characters, who can be childishly sweet or monstrously disfigured. The impulsiveness of the artistic expression is evident in the spontaneity of the strokes and the intuitive combining, experimenting and layering of various techniques, such as acrylic paints, spray paints, markers, charcoal, collage, screen printing, photocopying and digital manipulation. The colours bear the role of a powerful medium of expression, which is why the palette is often intense, at times even loud and contrasting. The use of discarded material and objects found on the street, whether old frames and decorative art, furniture parts or various objects, all innovatively incorporated into the art piece, is also noticeable. Despite certain common features and starting points, however, each artist recreates the atmosphere of the city bustle and his or her own experience of the surroundings through an individual artistic expression and in his or her own way.