At DobraVaga, our space is also intended for monthly exhibitions by artists from the younger generation, who are co-creating Slovenian fine and visual art. Within the framework of the independent exhibitions, artists have the chance to present themselves via various topics, media and techniques from painting, illustration and graphic design to smaller installations and sculptures. Our aim is to establish a new constant in the gallery space, where young, promising artists, backed by institutional, financial and technical support, have the opportunity to display their current work to the general and professional public.

In February, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature visual artist Gašper Kunšič. The Moment of Uncertainty exhibition touches on contemporary moments of distress, doubt and insecurity, originating in both global events and the existential questions of the Millennial Generation. In the prints and paintings, pop culture colours blend with expressive texts documenting these moments.
Reflecting on modern life has always provided an important context for the artist’s work. In this project, he focused primarily on the personal and employment situations and conditions of his generation – the issues of (creative) young people, such as dealing with uncertain and unstable employment, nomadic ways of working, lack of space, time and financing. The visual language he developed and used in the project is based on combining analogue and digital techniques, thematically intertwining the popular culture of consumerism and “computer aesthetics”. The artistic process – drawing and sketching, digital treatment, and combining with mobile photo collages and randomly found images – leads to strict, precise, flawless compositions, the antithesis to the intimately expressive texts hidden within. The artwork is thus permeated by a feeling of sincere self-irony, in which the artist finds consolation and inspiration.