Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 7pm (until 24 April)
ARTIST PER MONTH Alin Kostiov: Mirrors

In March, the Artist per Month exhibition space will feature young architecture student Alin Kostiov. She usually first dreams the illustrations she then draws in black ink, silver foil tape and black pen, meaning they’re a reflection of her subconscious: things she feels, anticipates and sees. For her, art is a sort of mirror – what we see in it reflects our personality, intellect and frustrations.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 7pm (until 22 May)
ZINE VITRINE Petra Korent: Porm

Petra Korent is interested in illustrations of a wild context. Using humour, she casts a kinder light on the unpleasant and banal life situations we unavoidably face. These are the pains of contemporary human intimacy, whether relationships of duality or solo dramas, which she makes fun of in a caricaturised, humorously absurd and direct manner. Naked bodies, hairy legs, bodily fluids and small penises, all a part of an individual’s everyday, are thus placed in new fantastical and surreal settings.